threatened to be killed on the job

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    I am a delivery driver in a very remote area. I have had two "run ins " with a young man on my area. This man has threatened me bodily harm, and the second time threatened to kill me. I explained everything to my supervisor, and he instructed me to contact the sheriff's office. I did so, and they had me come in and write out a statement. The deputy said he would talk to the Prosecuter, and have menacing charges filed on this person, and he would have to go to court. This, of course will anger the person that much more. After the court hearing, the deputy said they will file a restraining order. The sheriff's department is very small, and very far from my delivery location. Response time would be 15-25 minutes. What rights do I have to defend myself? I am a ccw permit holder, but do not carry on the job of course. I am not fearful of a physical confrontation with this person, but I can't outrun a bullet. This person has been in prison, and has a very troubled past. He is a known drug user, and is presently in a home that has been raided for drug activity. It is known in our area as a crack house. I feel like a sitting duck. It's not if something bad will happen, it is when. Any suggestions?
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    If you fear that much for your safety, you have 2 choices.

    1: Switch routes, tell supe you fear for your life.
    2: Carry that weapon, and be prepared to use, it if you have to.

    How did this all come about, anyways?
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    I would say number two risks you getting fired from your job.

    How about also working towards no longer delivering to that address? I know that can be done. Number one makes the most sense though.
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    Different details needed. Take no offense to any questions, but what exactly were you doing the first time he "went off" on you? Were you even delivering to his house, did you back up in his driveway without asking, honk your horn to indicate you were backing up on his street, interrupting his much needed daytime sleep, so he can "troll" at night, etc.

    I would think that if you went to the extent of contacting police, making a statement, your supervisor should be stepping up to the plate with suggestions and/or solutions. But WE AWLLL know how far that goes.

    So turn the tables on your supe with your own suggestions, E.G.: Any future deliveries, if any, can now be picked up at the center or just pass it off to USPS or Fed Ex and wish them luck.
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    Option 1 may merely pass along this "problem" to the next driver.

    Option 2 may cost you your job but may save your life.

    There has to be more to the story than what has been offered here. I would put this guy on "Will Call" and not go anywhere near him or his house. If he persists than I would push the legal proceedings. Good luck.
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    I would contact the union as well on this issue. They might have suggestions that can help.

    As for the ability to carry, without a special waiver from UPS, it will get you fired. You might get some legal help and persuade UPS to make an exception for you if they dont move you.

    As a general rule, threats like this usually are not followed up on. But enough do to where this does need to be taken seriously.

    And UPS either has the responsibility to protect you or at least allow you the right to protect yourself against the possibility.

    Avoid if possible, but for sure be the last man standing.

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    I would definately push the issue to have this stop be non-delivery. At the very least that will minimize the possibility of contact. Upstate is right, if you take yourself off the rte you are passing the problem to someone else. Would you pass that problem on to, let's say a woman driver? Or a younger driver that doesn't have the experience?

    As far as ccw, I would vote to try and get permission to do it until the issue is resolved. More than likely they will say no but you won't know until you ask.

    At the very least I would ask the sheriff's dept to have some one on patrol in the area when you are there. Maybe have an 'off-duty' around for awhile.
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    Until things cool down I would change up my delv time in his area that way this person has no idea when your going to show up.
    UPS is now responsible for your safety and if something should happen your wife will be a very rich person. Learn as much as you can about this person. What kind of cars are around the house, write plate numbers down, always be looking for him and if he should show up drive your truck to a public place. Never let your guard down and start asking yourself what color was the car that just passed me. Train your mind to look out for certain type of cars/plate numbers. Good Luck
  9. dilligaf

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    More very good ideas. Probably shouldn't have mentioned the thing about the rich wife though. Wasn't really necessary:dissapointed: JMO He has enough to worry about.
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    Make sure the company has been formally, in the presence of witnesses or documented correspondence, informed of your situation. Otherwise they can say, "oh, but......we didn't know.....this is the first we've heard of it.".

    Make sure the legal authorities have been formally informed also.

    This puts the liability on the company as well as the law enforcement agencies.

    Keep your cell phone readily accessible with a fully charged battery.

    Don't go down any dead end streets.

    As another poster said, if something happens to you, your wife/family will be a very rich person(s).
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    I would want my spouse to know everything that is going on. IF anything should happen here is what you need to do. I'm very serious about telling my husband everything that way he can speak for me if I cant speak for myself. Sorry if the "Rich Wife" struck a nerve but, I sure would hope my husband and kids would be well off if UPS didn't take the time to protect me when I needed their help.
  12. dilligaf

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    Absolutely, I agree with you. I tell mine everything as well. And UPS should do everything in their power to protect him.:whiteflag: My reaction to the rich wife thing was purely because things can get blow out of proportion in here by trollers. He has enough to worry about.
  13. rod

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    If you REALLY feel like this nut case will harm you get that (worthless)restraining order and pack heat. It don't sound like your going to get any help doing it the "correct way." The grave yards are full of people that did it "the correct way". If you have a ccw carry permit then you know how to properly handle a weapon . This is just the opinion of a grouchy retired guy that has had to deal with nut cases before. In my case , I at least had a police dept. that had a set of balls and hauled the guy in and gave him an eye opening lecture on threatening people. This nut case said he was going to kill me and EVERY UPS driver just because I apparently blocked his parking place. :angry:
  14. Covemastah

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    In the good old days ,the Teamsters would of sent some ""people""down there to see what his problem was,and remind him in a ""nice"" way to leave you alone!!! LEAVE HIS STUFF AT THE POLICE STATION <HE CAN PICK IT UP THERE !!!!
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    You have the permit to carry the handgun thats all you need. If I were you I would carry everyday from hear on out. Just keep it to yourself that you are armed while on area-nobody needs to know. DISREGARD ANY COMPANY POLICY. Your life is worth more than any job-UPS included. Hopefully you wont have to use it but if something happens and guns come have every right to defend yourself. The sheriff being 20 minutes away might as well be 2 days away're dead by the time they show up. Also , a restraining order is just a piece of paper-it won't stop a bullet. This scumbag has nothing to loose and you have everything to loose.

    This is just another classic example why I am no longer a package car driver and would absolutely under NO circumstance ever be a package car driver again. Where there's people there's problems and life can be hard enough without all that BS added.
  16. over9five

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    I would also call the 800 number and let them know your management team has taken no action on this.

    This is workplace violence. I would ask the 800 number why the management team doesn't seem to care. We all have the RIGHT to feel safe as we work.

    And let us know what happens.
  17. feederdriver06

    feederdriver06 former monkey slave

    THIS ISN'T ACCEPTABLE and chances are UPS will be lame and not knowingly let him carry(total crap). His life and defending it comes first and UPS and anything else comes later.
  18. over9five

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    I will add that if I were in that situation, I would be carrying.

    Man, you just gotta be sure:

    1. You never tell ANYONE.

    2. You make sure it NEVER shows.

    3. You carry REALLY secure so it never drops as you're bending over, picking up etc.

    Remember, anyone ever sees it, you're gone.
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    First off, what would Rambo do? Now if this felon is caught with a firearm, he's screwed. I would carry a taser, some chinese throwing stars, a specially wieghted throwing knife, a box cutter, and a mohawk buzz cut, and practise your self defense in a mirror like Robert Deniro's character in Taxi Driver...."Are you talking to me?"...if all else fails, keep a Louisville slugger in the cab....:baseballplayer:
  20. over9five

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    Danny, have you ever heard of this happening?

    IMHO, the company would rather see you murdered, then take on the liability of ALLOWING you to carry.