Thrift Plan money??

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    I was a UPS full time employee from April 1979 to July 1987. I contributed the max $6.00 per week the entire time I was working. When I had to leave due to a work comp injury, I received no notification from UPS about my money. Over the years I have done nothing with it until recently, when I enquired about my investment. I received a letter from UPS Atlanta stating they paid me out $272.00, but had no returned endorsed check for their records. Fact is, I have never received anything from UPS since winning my work comp case.

    My point here is, is there anyone in my same shoes who is trying to get their Thrift Plan investment money? I have 30 days to appeal the letter they sent me, regarding my $272.00 they think I had in my account. I know it was way more than that. Who has knowledge in this area?
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    Was this a Thrift Plan specifically for Australians, (if there was such a plan), or the US Thrift Plan that US employees were in?

    Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will see several threads about the Thrift Plan.
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    They liquidated the thrift plans in the mid 90's...They probably sent it to an old address..You should have had over 10k in it...check missing
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    Thank you for the replies. I worked in Cedar rapids, Iowa. I have been living in Australia for the past ten years. No more snow to shovel in nice.
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    how is it living in australia?
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    My brother Neil lives in Australia. Do you know him?
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    I've heard that Australia has rather strict immigration laws. A person can't just waltz into the country and say, "here I am".

    I'm told one must have a desired skill and a sponsor in order to immigrate to Australia. Australia also doesn't have the problems that America does (what a coincidence!).

    I would be curious what it takes to become a resident of the beautiful country of Australia.

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    That`s funny. Good one O95:happy-very:
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    Australia is great, but very expensive. I don't know Neil, but I bet Bob does. Sydney is over 4 million in population and it's getting worse. I came here on a working visa, established permanant residency (2 years), then became a citizen, dual now. UPS drivers here are very few and only drive vans. What a crock! Not enough business door to door here to get any bigger. We are like a third world country in many ways.

    I need my Thrift Plan money so I can afford to live here longer. Cars are twice as expensive here, Levis jeans are $165, Timex Triathalon watches-$150.00, car insurance averages $800-$1,500 a year. My rent on a 2 bedroom, 1 bath townhouse is $2,000 per month. Home prices in over 100 suburbs of Sydney average over $1 million. Minimum wage is $17.00 and hour though, most earn around 25-35,000 per year. Not great!

    It's cheaper to retire in the US. That's where I'll be headed when I retire. Talked to long here. Thanks for the support and if any one can recommend an attorney that does a good job, I'm open.
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    With those prices I think I would move back to the U.S.....But by the time you come back here, we as a country could be looking at those prices the way the last year has gone..
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    sounds a lot like New Jersey...:happy-very:
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    ...except it doesn't smell nearly as bad...:wink2:
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    It might if you smelled down under.
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    I am also looking to find out how to collect my thrift plan money. I worked in Maine for UPS in the early 90's.
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    Is getting that $$ from UPS a "principle" thing or , as you said, you need the $$. By the time you finish with a lawyer, you'll owe 3 times the 272 bucks you're trying to get.
  17. The only comment I have is with not seeing the money for the last 22 years, why is your screen name "Hawkeye". I can "Moleeye" or "Wormeye" or "Clameye" something like that???
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    Is that Australian $ or US $ ?