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    Does anyone have a link to the Thrift Plan , address or phone number. Recently retired and my 401k was put on hold due to a previous marriage... There was a QDRO on my 401k but the date of the court order was before the switch to the 401k and now the order was denied. I need any and all info to remedy this situation so I can access my account... Thanks:censored3:
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    The Thrift Plan is zippo.
    That was liquidated some 15 - 20 years ago.
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    I believe at the time you could opt to stay in the plan.... Ups put my ups/401k on hold pending the decision from their legal dept and they denied my QDRO so it's still locked down. Must be someone to talk to about my situation because ups isn't giving me any help at all.
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    You need to talk with the lawyer you used when you got divorced. There is no way the QDRO should have been approved with the incorrect date.
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    We were not given any option in management in Corporate.
    This is information from another posting:
    You could contact the Human Resources Department at any UPS building or try this info from the Thrift Plan's 2006 Form-5500 . . .

    Name of plan: UPS THRIFT PLAN

    Three-digit plan number (PN): 002

    Plan sponsor's name and address (employer, if for a single-employer plan):
    ATLANTA, GA 30328-3474

    Employer Identification Number (EIN): 95-1732075

    Sponsor's telephone number: 404-828-7678

    Signature of plan administrator or printed name of individual signing as plan administrator: JOHN SAUNDERS 10/09/2007

    Signature of employer/plan sponsor/DFE or printed name of individual signing as employer, plan sponsor or DFE as applicable: MAURICE AGRESTA 10/09/2007

    Read more:
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    This post from Motley Fool forum in 2006 supports your assertion:

    As an hourly employee (23 years) the Thrift Plan was one way to participate in company profitability before stock ownership was offered directly to hourly workers. The 1996 window of opportunity program found 80,000 people leave the plan, but there are still a significant number of UPS people still participating in the thrift plan. 1996 withdraw from the thrift plan was cash and 35 - 40 % UPS stock. Many previous postings refer to the former Thrift Plan as if it was not a good place to put $6.00 a week, forgetting average returns of 16% yearly.
    If the Thrift Plan holdings of UPS stock is still 40%, the future earnings should also reflect the IPO windfall. Any input or speculation on the effect the ipo will have on the UPS Thrift Plan.