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    Re: What type of route is easier on your body?

    I'm sorry Griff you need to learn to read more than the posts of me responding to the reamster goons before you decide to judge me. I've seen you post here and have not disrespected you in any way therefore you really had no reason to join the pack of dogs. Did you?
  2. tieguy

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    Re: What type of route is easier on your body?

    Yea helen I know turn the other cheek. Perhaps you could spend some of your unbiased time here policing your own?
  3. Griff

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    Re: What type of route is easier on your body?

    I'm not joining any pack of dogs. I find it offensive that you tried to derail this thread into a pissing contest between you and others you constantly bicker with.
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    Re: What type of route is easier on your body?


    I would hope you would avoid the title on any account.

    So now you call me a pedophile and pervert. That's great.

    I believe the Terms of Service don't apply to tieguy.
  5. canon

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    Re: What type of route is easier on your body?

    Tie, the others aren't "fooled". This is yet another example of your arrogance and insulting attempt to dismiss everyone who disagrees with you as being less intelligent than yourself. They can read the posts, they know who is instigating.

    In each and every case that I've seen you step in with some insult because someone says something you don't like. Usually it's a negative comment about someone in management that is doing something they shouldn't and you come to their aid with personal attacks against the person who posted it. That's how it started with us, that's how it was derailed in this thread. From everything I've seen, drivers are against dishonest drivers and dishonest management. You can't find fault in management and any driver who disagrees with you is target for insults.

    Time and time again, your goal has been to instigate fights with uncalled for little potshots against teamsters as a whole or against someone you argued with in the past.... always at the sacrifice of the thread. Nobody had even said anything to you in this thread when you attacked someone. Has nothing to do with "taking sides", the Terms of Service are aimed at those people who troll or flame:

    (v.) (1) To deliberately post derogatory or inflammatory comments to a community forum, chat room, newsgroup and/or a blog in order to bait other users into responding.

    Source: http://isp.webopedia.com/TERM/T/troll.html

    (n.) A searing e-mail or newsgroup message in which the writer attacks another participant in overly harsh, and often personal, terms. Flames are an unfortunate, but inevitable, element of unmoderated conferences.

    I'll be the first to admit I enjoy debate and even friendly banter. I think it's good for the community and enjoyable to read. It's what gives the site the addictive ingredient in my opinion and probably a very difficult thing to moderate. IMO, you just don't know when to stop and most people will continue to defend themselves like myself. The more people stand up to you, the more determined you are to appear innocent.

    The "cowardly thugs who run in packs" as you put it, are nothing more than other members who enjoy logging in and not being berated or hammered with personal insults simply because they fell into disagreement with you in the past. They are also the new members who log in and take an interest in a thread, only to see it derailed by your insults. What kind of impression does that send? I spent many posts falling for your trolling, and it seems I'm doing it again. Again, you can say you're only fighting back... but it happens too often where nobody has said a word to you and everybody has read it.

    And I have yet to see you "stomp" anyone... that would require some creativity on your part which doesn't translate well into your personal attacks. Annoying? Yes. Childish? Oh yeah. Management material? At best, most of us have met supes just like you. At worst, you've just given a crash course to those who haven't. Welcome to UPS, this is why a union is still needed.
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    Re: What type of route is easier on your body?

    In fact DS the site changed when canon showed up. Canon has some hard feelings for his management group in his building which he transferred on to me. No one was more outspoken then Dannyboy when he was here yet we could always disagree with respect. Canon on the other hand has an obsession that he can not let go of. In the process he pulled in his little group of henchmen which if it is insulting to the teamsters certainly does not represent them well. Apparently they can not carry the managment versus hourly debate very welll without turning it into gang warfare. If thats the way you like this site then enjoy it. Just do us all a favor and rename it teamster net so it accurately reflects on all the crying and cowardice that is now taking place here. :thumbup1:
  7. canon

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    Re: What type of route is easier on your body?

    No, my hard feelings for management were transfered to you when you repeatedly called me stupid. Most recenly, you called me a pedophile and a pervert. I'll argue or debate all day... and even tolerate some name calling. You stepped over the line tie, and continue to do so for your own amusement at the expense of a decent discussion.

    You had it all wrong tie, the problem is the others aren't fooled.
  8. tieguy

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    Re: What type of route is easier on your body?

    Initial statement from first poster. Pretty benign comment made by her manager.

    Typical Trickpony response where he over reacts and accuses the manager of practicing medicine. One member of the cowardly pack has spoken.

    My response
    another management poster responds which canon ignores since his obsession is with me.

    and here we have the unprovoked flame from canon who claims he has no unusual feelings or obsession with me or for me. Yet here again he attacks me totally unprovoked. His pack of dogs then jump in afterwards to support him in his twisted quest.

    If you feel you need to defend this guy DS then enjoy what you will have left after you drive everyone off that made this site what it was before these clowns showed up.
  9. canon

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    Re: What type of route is easier on your body?

    It's funny that in this post you omit the "reamsters" comment which prompted the "unprovoked" response. If you scroll back, my response to you was done in direct quote of this:
    I hadn't said a word to you in this thread, yet because I'm a teamster I'm guilty of something. Ups_vette responded to trick directly.. wasn't my battle. Ups_vette kept the subject limited to response of trick's post... not some argument dug up from 5 threads ago for the sake of starting a fight.

    I'm still not sure what all that has to do with you calling me names. Call me names and you think I'm not justified to ask you to stop? I wonder how many times in the PAS thread I asked you to refrain from name calling and insults and simply address the issues. You wouldn't stop then, and wont stop now. Gee, the whole world is so unfair to tie not to allow him to namecall.

    Tie, it's not an US vs Them battle to anyone but you. In your mind it is tie vs teamsters, and to you we're all nothing more than cry babies and cowards if we disagree with anything you say.

    I'm done with you tie... not just in this thread but done. I wont put you on ignore, as it is amusing to watch you run the professional image of mgmt right into the ground. Almost as funny as watching other mgmt not say anything to you about your behavior... very telling.

    Bye bye tie. [​IMG]
  10. tieguy

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    Re: What type of route is easier on your body?

    My point exactly it was not your battle. It was totally unprovoked for you to jump in there and attack and you then cry about name calling? Your behavior here shows why you have so many problems at work.
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    Okay, you 2 keep hijacking threads with your bickering. From now on I'm asking the moderators to move all posts where you are targeting one another to this thread.
  12. old levi's

    old levi's I use to care... but things have changed

    Cool. Cheryl is in the house. TCB
  13. wannabeups

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    Someone should call Vince McMahon and see if he will book these 2 in a "pistol on a pole" match @ Wrestlemania :)
  14. tieguy

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    You will probably keep them busy. As canon showed in the last thread he has no problem starting up again unprovoked.
  15. Iconoclast

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    We feel your pain. I have not posted on this board for so long that my former username-interested, is no longer. I had to register again, as Iconoclast. Many of us who participate on this board have gone quite a few rounds with Tie, Dannyboy included.

    Nothing ever seems to change, Tie is extremely passive aggressive and he uses the unique nuances of a message board to proliferate his passive aggressive nature. The old, "I know you are but what am I" on a much grander scale. He is loath to dissect a real issue, especially when you disagree with him. It becomes personal and it becomes vicious.

    Here is the interesting thing about message boards. In order to participate you need to be able to express your ideas in a concise manner. Punctuation, spelling, syntax, these are all important, but they are a distant second to the ability to discuss issues, handle criticism and develop sound arguments. Everybody has different abilities and a unique thought processes. Some mull over decisions before coming to a conclusion, some are very decisive and can render a decision very quickly.

    The same applies to each of our unique skills in this forum. There are some who post and although we disagree vehemently with what they write, we wholly admire the manner in which they write it. We are impressed with their clarity of thought, the orderly way in which they develop that argument, and the grace and decorum in which they deliver their message. Often, we are interested in posts like that- because they help us to learn to use these forums better, and to build our own "message board game"

    For some, I believe that they would very much like to participate in a more professional manner, but they simply lack the tools. Instead of communicating in a style that is simpler, forthright and honest, they feel a great deal of insecurity and feel the need to attack people.

    Tieguy is right out of central casting for this phenomenon. I think that he is tremendously insecure about what he has posted, and once someone disagrees with him, he attacks. Tie can become especially vicious if your rebuttal to him is clean, well developed and written with style and grace-Most of your posts Canon, fall squarely into this category, hence his frequent attacks.

    Personally, I have had my a** handed to me on message boards, and it stings. I have been in forums where it took me months to have the courage to post something, and when I did, I was ripped to shreds. Not personally mind you, but the argument, structure and the style in which I presented those arguments. It can be humbling, there is no question about that. It can also be a great learning experience to adopt the style, content and structure of those who are much more proficient than you.

    Or, as crazy as this sounds, just be yourself. Once people are inured to your style, and this happens very quickly, you will find that you are respected for your message, experiences and insight. Most people who successfully contribute to message forums do so in this manner. After all, Hemingway got along pretty good using simple language and dinky words. You just have to be confident that what you have posted will stand up on its own, most of the time it does.

    It is frustrating to deal with Tieguy, but use that frustration to continue to develop your own game.

    They say that the only true failures in life are lessons not learned the first time. Tie has thousands and thousands of posts over the years, and sadly, they are all the same.

    Do the math.
  16. DorkHead

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    Can`t we all just get along???????
  17. tieguy

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    You did appear to overlook one other benifit of the message board world. Occasionally someone claiming to be a long lost MB relative will come along and reward one of the members with a free psychiatric analysis. This posting was so well crafted that while I'm sure your intent was to gather my ire alas I can do nothing but sit back in awe and admiration at this machovelian masterpiece.
  18. Iconoclast

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    There is some good stuff here, let's wait to see if some others wade in and we can develop the discussion. Flaming on a message board is something that we all perticipate in now and again, it would be interesting to see the impetus and the mechanics behind those machinations.

    I would be interested to see what some others believe. Why do we attack each other in these forums?
  19. helenofcalifornia

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    I log on to this message board to learn things. I learn from fellow hourlies and management people both. Inherently, it will always be a "us against them" battle. But it doesn't have to be a war. And a vicious war at that. Canon is good at debating Tie, but never overtly hostile and reduced to calling his antagonist "a pedophile" or a "pervert." Tie, you give management a bad name. I would think that if Atlanta knew about you and what you post, they would try to shut you down. Battle on Canon!
  20. Iconoclast

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    Thank you Helen. I too log on to this forum, and many others, to try and learn something. Perhaps we can learn why we react the way we do when someone disagrees with what we have to say.

    Tieguy is certainly not the only person in the vast world of message boards who has taken the argument personal. Even if your experiences with negativity have occured on other boards, please share.