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    Wow, what hatred!! looks like tieguy didn't get any nookie last night......

    I can dish it out as well as take it. When you get out of high school and move on to the adult world you will realize that everything is not ruled by your search for nookie.

    .....and here tieguy demonstrates yet another episode in the continuing saga of "tieguy vs the world".

    And here another example of Trick trying to convince himself he might actually be part of the world.

    Tieguy, this is a forum on the internet. Is this where you come to play out your everyday fantasies of being smarter, stronger and tougher than everyone you encounter monday through friday? Do you practice your intimidation statements infront of the mirror every morning with your pink tie on? Save your brown brainwashed way of thinking for business hours, let it go when you're off the clock imo.

    And Tie, what up with the pervert and pedophilia remarks???? Dude, you are WAY out of line there. I would love to hear what the feeder drivers you work for think of you.

    Ok well in that case thanks for appointing yourself the sheriff of this thread. :thumbup1:

    Canon, enjoyed your "Pbase" work.

    It's a good site. I highly recommend it. :thumbup1:

    You should try to avoid slinging the mud first if you would like the TOS applied. But then there would be no need for me to stomp you in response if you didn't start this crap thus no need for you to cry about TOS application. Looks like its all on your shoulders again. But for some reason your little act has some people here fooled.

    Tie, as much as you may not like Trick he is, and will still be a part of the world no matter how much you try to make him feel like he`s not.
    As an hourly,I find it offensive that you refer to the union as the reamsters.You are management,and the name calling
    is unnecessary,and belittling .
    IMHO your remarks about pedophile and pervert towards canon were uncalled for...be nice

    Fine its your site. Its slowly turning into one in which the cowardly thugs who operate in packs run this site. Your support of them will continue that trend. Its a shame it used to be a nice place.

    Its not my site,and the cowardly thugs you refer to have the right to speak.Its just an online forum.You have been around a long time,Its still a good site.This site has not changed.
    You have


    You're not going to win this debate with Canon because Canon is not receptive to honest advice. There are some employee's you should never be bruttally honest with because they can not accept such advice without a buffer. Canon is the type who needs his ego stroked before you discuss his faults. Even then you should have suger coated the negative responses. Live and learn.
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