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    If a supervisor adjusts your time card do they have to provide you with prof that it has bee entered as not al adjustments are viewable via the upsers.com site?
  2. Rack em

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    Yes, I make them print out the piece of paper for me. If they don't go talk to Stewie
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    What @Rack em said.

    If they modify your time card, and they do not inform you of said changes, that is fraud. People could lose their jobs over that.

    So if they're changing timecards, they need to inform you, and I'd absolutely make them put it in writing.

    May I ask why your time card needed to be modified at all?
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    If you ask for it yes.
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  5. NextDayAir

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    Sure. Had a skin irritant spill down the front of me while on road. Went to company dr and she sent me home for the day. Physically worked 5.83 hrs, checked my time card later that day and there was a 2.17hr pay guarantee added to it. Checked again the next morning and the same 2.17 was removed. Had a sup put it back on and needed proof that it was added. He would not give me a print out of the adjustment but did show me that it had been fixed. Was this infact fraudulent behavior on his part and if so what should I do about it.
  6. Rack em

    Rack em 2018 Brown Cafe Fantasy Football Champion

    Check your time card on upsers and make sure it's adjusted. Then check your pay stub when you get it and if it isn't on there then file a grievance under Article 12.