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    Has anyone else noticed that the diad clock seems to change during the day? Compare the time on the diad to the time on your cell phone. Sometimes the are the same and sometimes they are 2 to 3 minutes different. Could ups be up to something here? If they could program the diad to take one minute from every driver that would add up to a bunch of money in a years time
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    I dont really pay attention to that but thanks for sharing
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    Surely you jest?
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    There are at least two "time " frames; (1) the correct time and (2 ) UPS time.
    They never match up.
    If you are a driver set your watches to your DIAD.
    If you work inside then set your watch to the time clock's. ( which most are broken down to hundreds instead of minutes ).
    As for "missing time " its all in your head.
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    My life would be so much better if all I had to worry about was whether the time in the DIAD was off by a minute. Can we please move on to topics of more relevance?
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    I think that when this happens it is a lapse in the GPS. Heavy cover, etc can make you lose the satellite signal for a few moments. I have noticed it on my own GPS.
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    Even if this was happening(not saying it isn't) how would it possibly make a difference in your day?
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    Yes, your honor. El Con Quistador has spoken
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    I have checked mine from time to time and it is always the same. I have never seen them even a minute off.

    You need to readjust your tinfoil hat.

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    Has it ever dawned on you that maybe it's your cell phone? The time on most cell phones is updated by the carrier, so if you travel in and out of dead spots then your cell phone time may be off.
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    Your problem is this: You are working too fast. Einstein put forth the theory that as you approach the speed of light, time slows down. This would explain the discrepency between the DIAD and your cell phone. Slow down and stop scanning those packages like a maniac and the time difference will disappear.:wink2:
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    Wow, those are really big words. Did your wife help you with those?
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    No, I learned them from all your posts on EVERY thread.
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    Relax--I was just having some fun at your expense.
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    Fair enough-sorry on my part.
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    If you have AT&T the Diad and your GSM phone should sync up. UPS uses AT&T as it's data provider for the DIADs to communicate to the mainframe.
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    Here is a suggestion...do what I do go 1 mile per hour under every speed limit on your route the whole day you would be surprised how much more money you'll make and I guarantee you will make up that minute!
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    We use many different cell carriers depending on who has the best coverage in the area. The clock in the DIAD is in no way tied to the cell data network. The DIAD is synced to the UPS time server while in the rack and then keeps it's own time until it returns to the rack at the end of the day.

    There is definitely no funny business going on in the programming, but it's very possible that your DIAD could have an internal clock with noticable "drift"
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    ...or the original poster could have been using a very cheap watch. :happy-very:
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