Time for some kids to get their butt kicked!

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    From todays USAToday

    Teen prank known as 'fire in the hole'
    If you're curious about what to expect from the not-so-greatest generation of Americans, check out this story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about a juvenile prank known as "fire in the hole."

    Participants drive up to the drive-through window at a fast-food restaurant and throw the beverage they ordered back at the worker while yelling "fire in the hole."

    WTAE-TV has surveillance footage of one worker getting hit with a load of hot sauce. “He screams 'Fire in the hole!’ and launches the drink at me," the Subway clerk tells WPXI-TV. "As soon as it hit my face, my eyes were burning. All is I could think is how could someone do this? I mean, it's just not funny."

    He says his eyes burned for about 15 minutes.

    "This is a big thing," a cop tells the paper. "This is an assault."

    The investigation shouldn't be too difficult. Thanks to YouTube, their exploits are often filmed and then posted on the Internet. We found a number of videos, but decided not to link to them because of concerns that doing so would expose our readers to offensive language and give the impression that we condone this behavior.

    I don`t even think I would call the cops if I caught these punks. It`s time to bring back good old fashion,non politically correct, ass beatings. Trash their car too,let them explain to mom and dad why the family car is wrecked.
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    I don`t even think I would call the cops if I caught these punks. It`s time to bring back good old fashion,non politically correct, ass beatings. Trash their car too,let them explain to mom and dad why the family car is wrecked

    Im in total agreement. We need to retaliate without the police who dumb us down, and nothing gets taught. Cops are handcuffed, and all these kids need is something we mostly were taught. Respect and punishment.

    My husband is a good one for this, and then he disappears quickly leaving punks with something to think about. He saw a bunch of kids fighting and knocked down an old lady who was trying to exit a bathroom, he slung them all away, the doby jumped outta the truck and they had to leave, suddenly, with bruised eyes and egos. I sometimes worry he will get in trouble but he does what I wish I could for what I see all day long. Good old a** whoopin and a lesson in respect is all kids need.
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    As much as I hate Hillary, it Does take a village!
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    I like your way of thinkin' tooner
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    Takes a village to carry her thighs.....
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    Easy, Over, easy now. Let's not start talking about thunderthighs without mentioning Rush Limbaugh.
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    I saw a video of that stuff on YouTube, but the prankster was driving a manual transmission car, so when he tried to get away, after throwing the drink at the service person, he couldn't because he forgot to put the car back into gear. So he just revved his engine, this gave the attendant time grab another drink she had near by and throw it back at him. Not surprisingly the only think the driver could come up with was "What the :censored2:?!?!"

    On a side note I was driving my, near my house one time, and when I drove past some bushes somebody threw an egg at it. I got out, but all I saw was two punks sprinting for their lives in the distance. I seriously hate these cowards, and I'm gonna start taking action when I see them doing stuff like this to other people. There was some damage to my paint, but I'm gonna get a Mini soon anyways, and this time I'm gonna clear bra the whole thing. I always have bad luck with punks throwing stuff at my cars as I drive by. Also, the cops don't seem to care unless you're dying or speeding.
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    brakefade.....I have a mini. You'll love it. Mine's purple haze / white top /chrome mirrors & sunroof. Fun driving! :)
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    I chased a punk to his grandparents house once.I was driving around showing my girlfriend the Christmas lights,off of James st ,in Syracuse,nice area,when my car was hit by a icy snowball,my girlfriend screamed,cars were parked on both sides of the street,I threw the car in park and ran after the kid,finally grabed him and dragged to where he reluctantly told me he was visiting, the grandparents, I went in the garage,pounded on the kitchen door,When the door opened I thought I was in for it.There was" the Sunday card game",uncles, brothers ,pyzons,Aye whatsa goin on,I told the spokesperson what happened,everyone got :censored2: when they saw I had Eric by the neck collar,they told me they were going to call the cops,I said good I'll be in my car parked in the street and that I could have very well hit one of their cars when the snowball was thrown.After a few minutes Eric came outside with a grownup who made him apologise.I'm a little wiser now,I don't think I'll ever do that again.If it was today I'd probably get shot.
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    so that is why you have no christmas lites on your house!!!
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    Nice More, my neighbor has a Mini, she also has a soccer mom sticker on the back bumper.:lol::lol::lol:
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    I think More's sticker should say "Hot Soccer Grandmom"! :thumbup1:
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    Upsdude......my front license holder says, "France Sucks"

    my rear license holder says, "My other car is an SUV"
  14. upsdude

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    Just for you More..............
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    When kids don't learn respect and know they won't have to face consequences, well, there you go. Parents need to stop mollycoddling and start parenting better. And our education systems have gone soft too. I see all too many cases where the parent wants to be a "buddy" instead. Bad idea.

    No spanks for the naughty was not the path society should have taken. (These same social rules also apply across the pond.) But spoiled rotten kids are just a small part of the bigger picture. Parents work long hours (and often more than one job) just to keep up with the cost of living. They're not home to supervise. So who's making a nice dinner for the kids? People are moving away from religion, as who now a days even thinks about breaking a commandment? And I'd guess half the kids out there come from a divorced family and how many are spoiled rotten by each parent trying to score points over the other one?

    If a child has no fear of what his parents think then they won't care about what they do, as the consequences are probably not much to worry about at home. My dad scared the hell out of me and there were a lot of actions I didn't take because I didn't want to get whipped within an inch of my life and I also didn't want to disappoint my folks. A little bit of fear (and a lot of respect) goes a long way.

    When I'm out and about and see a little three or four year old screaming his lungs out or yelling F### at his mother, I know things are out of control. Then these little sh##s grow up to be the "punk" who acts out in groups, because none of them have the kahunas to misbehave this badly as individuals.

    I've got to disagree on this one with you, More. It doesn't take a village to raise a child. It takes a loving and responsible family.
  16. Threshold

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    I think the problem is with people who have kids who shouldn't be having kids in the first place. If you're currently living pay check to pay check, are burried in debt, have a substance abuse problem, etc., how is a brining a child into this world gonna make things better? Think people. Children need a family, they need love, they need dicipline, but most importantly they need parents who will spend A LOT of time with them. An Xbox is not gonna do that.
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    Hubby & I stopped at Taco Bell for lunch. Love the #3. Anyway, there were 4 young boys, probably 11 or 12.....the only other patrons there.

    They were talking a little bit loud and every other word was the "F" word. After a few minutes of this language, I went to their table and nicely asked them to watch the vulgar language. They talked quietly after that and then left the place.

    One of the boys returned and came up to our table and apologized for himself and his friends language. I thanked him and thought, "someone has raised this kid right."

    Anyway, makes me think there's hope and these kids just act up around their peers.
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    The kids today are just copying this from the CKY skateboard videos that included Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville the guys that started the MTV series" Jackass"
  19. toonertoo

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    I agree and every once in a while I see a glimmer of hope. Like a kid will be standing on the steps of a school, and instead of blocking me he/she will open the door, or God forbid offer to help me to the office. Or run out of a house and help carry boxes. Every once in a while I think maybe Im just being cynical. And maybe they are no worse than my generation. But I think they are worse, no I know they are, but every once in a while I see there are going to be leaders in the future among this generation.
  20. over9five

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    "One of the boys returned and came up to our table and apologized for himself and his friends language."

    Wow! Not many that would have done that. Maybe there is hope....