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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by thebrownbox, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. thebrownbox

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    How long does one need to work at UPS in order to have a week off?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I assume from your thread that you are part-time so your PT sup may be the best person to answer this for you.
  3. thebrownbox

    thebrownbox New Member

    Yep PT I only ask because I was given a list of days during the month I.e After Jan 1st 2009...

    Week Ending

    Feb 7th, March 7th and so on...
  4. loserupser

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    you can take any week off,:peaceful: just dont expect to have a job!
  5. Service Failure

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    You are supposed to get your vacation/sick days/floating holidays after your first year of work or so i'm told. The list of days you may take off is because time off is given by seniority so those with higher seniority get priority in what days/months they want to take off.

    So to sum it all up you get to take any days that haven't been taken up by higher seniority employees but technically you can take any day off during the year so long as nobody wants to take their vacation during that time that has higher seniority than you. Which might just be everyone considering this question being asked haha.
  6. thebrownbox

    thebrownbox New Member

    I'm coming up to my first year in Oct.
  7. 1989

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    You were probably a peak hire if you started in oct. Your seniority probably didn't start until January.
  8. thebrownbox

    thebrownbox New Member

    nope they counted from when I was hired.. everyone said the same about that peak stuff when I was waiting for my health Ins. and I got it a few months early.
  9. TheYellowBusRider

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    I've only worked their since Jan 7 and I just put in for three days off in a row this summer.

    I've heard you can take time off whenever you want as long as you can get it. But not too often or they should just fire you. Getting time off paid those is another story. I heard it takes one years to get a week paid off.
  10. KBlakk

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    Being a peak hire only means that your 30 days do not count until January but once you make book all your time counts back to your hire date.
  11. JustTired

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    You're kidding! They're asking you already for 2009? We're barely into 2008. I'd tell them to get back with me around November. I have a hard time planning seven weeks throughout a year. I sure wouldn't have a clue almost 2 years in advance.

    But then again, if I really need a couple days off when they weren't planned, I just call off. A lot easier to do when you work all that unwanted OT throughout the year.
  12. browniehound

    browniehound Well-Known Member

    Tell me if I'm missing something here, but isn't Feb 7th and March 7th of 2009 less than a year away? Also, we are now 1/3 of the way through 2008, so I would say we are more than "barely" into '08. Scary, isn't it?
  13. thebrownbox

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    Yep I have a week off in Feb starting the 9th

    I guess each area is not the same.. despite many of you saying nothing counted until after January that was not true.

    Don't ask me why they did it that way.. thats just the way they did it :-/
  14. thebrownbox

    thebrownbox New Member

    I kid you not... I was a little shocked myself.. but then again I let them know about 5 weeks ahead of time that I had to talk care of a family related thing and I got a call around 4:54Am while driving in VA asking where I was for work, I said don't you remember you said I asked you about this time off ahead of time? :biting:
  15. thebrownbox

    thebrownbox New Member

    I have to take 3 days off in a row this coming summer July 30,31 and Aug 1st I don't care that it's not paid time off since 3 days of work will be about almost 4 weeks of work at UPS.
  16. browniehound

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    TheBrownBox man,
    I'm not sure where these people are getting their info. It may be different depending on your part of the company. When I was part-time in '99 it was a certain amount hour hours to get your benefits and 6 months to get a weeks vacation and your sick time.

    Also, where I'm from our vacation calander starts MAY 1. If its a year to get a week vacation in your area, you will be eligable for that week in Oct. of '08. That is probably why they are telling you dates for '09. They may have weeks availible now, but you will not have the time until Oct. Do you follow me?
  17. at most companies this would be true, however I've seen people keep their jobs after doing such a thing
  18. Dirty Savage

    Dirty Savage Paranoid Android

    Here you get your first actual holidays after one year of service. And you get TWO weeks.
  19. thebrownbox

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    AH I understand what you mean, my paycheck for tomorrow is still not showing me having any free days to take off so I should expect to see that sometime in Oct as well?

    I mean Only about 4 weeks ago did they JUST stop taking out the intuition fees for the union... It can't take that long to pay the $400 amount..