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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by jware, Aug 13, 2007.

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    Ive been with this company for 12 years, 7 of that as a full-time employee. I recently put in for a day off { personal day} on the 14th of August to attend my little girls orentation to the first grade which starts at 3:00pm. I was denied a personal day because someone with more senoirity had askes for the same day off. I'm ok with that, seniority rules. However, I told my on-car supervisor that this was a day off that I needed and that I wouldn't be at work on that day, Paid or not. He told me to call-in . My center manager was gone last week, so today, Monday the 13th I informed him that I wasn't going to be at work tomarrow the 14th, he ask why, and I informed him of the situation. I've missed one day in the last 15 weeks and all I got was a rash of crap. I miss alot of my daughters school functions during the holidays because of peek season, and I'm ok with that, all part of the job. However it's the middle of August and I don't feel that I should be given the third degree about taking a day off [ a Tuesday at that] without pay . I work in Lenexa Kansas, in the East center [ and I hope someone in management reads this post ] I get two personal days off a year, and haft to give 8 days notice if I want one. Seems to me that a multi-billion dollar company wouldnt haft to make an employee be afraid to call in and and take a day off every 4 or 5 months, especilly if they have days off with pay on the books comming. Maybe I'm making alot out of nothing but it really rubbed me the wrong way the way the situation was handled. And I am taking tomarrow off. Should of just waited, called in and lied, and told them I was sick
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    Jware it is bs, but you even agree that seniority rules as do i. However it is the peak month for vacations at the same time. Do you know if this higher senior driver was using an optional day or just a day off? Here if hes not using an option day you would get the day over him! Something to look at on wed at the o.r to see how he was coded, and if any lower senior drivers were scheduled or layed off. Fyi when you call in you really dont have to say your sick, and that you are not coming in, its not like they will pay you a sick day, its the same call in on your record. Try not to get worked up over it and enjoy taking your baby girl to school tomorrow, ps make sure no one sees you crying!
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    Not sure about your contract, but ours says that 4 drivers may take personal the same day and 1 driver can take a vacation day! (have to have 15yrs for that)
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    uck em fay take a day off and dont sweat it ....management cant kill and eat ya:thumbup1: BC (not boston college)
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    Brilliant Creator ??

    Bouillon Cube ??
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    Only 2!!! You got the shaft!

    In my area we get 5 option days per year and 2 or 3 people each day are allowed off for an option day. Lower seniority people can be bumped if they did not give more than 2 months warning. But if you scheduled it more than 2 months in advance there's nothing management can do.

    Totally bogus!!! get more option days in your supplement.
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    Personals vary depending on how many drivers are in your center. If you're going to call in, don't tell them about it, just do it.
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    :confused:1 I'm surprised that with all your seniority, you don't know the golden rule. If you truly need the day off you always call in sick!! To many times I tried the "proper" way and I would always get sweated down to the final morning, having to come in in browns to see if they could let me have the day off.
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    And yet those of you who preach the contract would never consider it a violation of the contract to force the extra day off when denied an optional holiday.
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    You got that right.

    But he said something about lieing about being sick. You wouldn't wanna run into a co-worker that day, it get back to mngt and accused of dishonesty. If they ask why, just tell them personal reasons. If they continue to question you, hang up. Fortunetly, we have Option 3 here.
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    "And yet those of you who preach the contract would never consider it a violation of the contract to force the extra day off when denied an optional holiday."

    Oh, come on, Tie! Re-read the reason he needs the day off. Obviously he's gonna bang in if you don't give him the day. If the center manager had an ounce of sense in his head, he'd just give him the day. (and have a happy employee instead of a :censored2: off one).
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    Tie the problem here iswhen something like this happens in your world (managements) you schedule your day around it or just take the day, because truthfully the packages will still get delivered and picked up no matter how many sups didnt come in. When us common folk need the day its impossible to do, for whatever reason management sees fit that day. Tie i know you have been brainwashed into bleeding brown and all, but did they remove your heart to?
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    If you have paid sick days, you need not do anymore than call and say "I request a paid sick day, and that's all you have to say. You can use it as you wish. No where does it say you have to have a Dr's exscuse for a paid sick day, which is a negotiated benefit, and cannot be used against you. You don't have to argue about it, or at least our supplement says, upon request. As far as personals/optional days, we have to hvae the personal up by start time 8 days prior, mngmnt has to answer by end of the day on the 7th day. Optional days are 7 days etc...So if that is how your supplement reads, you no one should have to wait until the day of to find out. We have a time limit to have it up by, or we simply don't get it, likewise, mngmnt has a time limit to answer it by, if not it's on them, and you're off. If you're instructed to come in, do it, and file for premium pay all day etc...
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    Red ,

    I'm sorry I couldn't resist throwing that little hook out to you. No hate intended just jerking your chain.
    (now say you're sorry)

    As far as the day off is concerned.

    Man misses no time.
    Man asked to take a day off on a tuesday instead of a monday / friday.
    We should not try to make him feel guilty for wanting that day.
    If he comes to me and tells me whats going on then I'd make it happen.
    I keep my heart behind some breakable glass just in case I need it. :thumbup1:
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    jware,I hope you've learned a lesson here.If you have to take a day for personal reasons,the best and only way to do it is to call in at least an hour before your start time and tell them you wont be in today.If they question it,tell them its personel and point out that you wouldnt be calling in unless it was serious.As for you tie,and many sups I`ve had the pleasure to be under the command of,maybe its time to brown up and take one for the company.Its one day.
    I call in maybe twice a year and with the understaffing,(peak? vacations? call ins? we need you`s) begging and guilt they throw at me when I do its pathetic.I dont care who answers the phone anymore,center manager ,sup, clerk whatever,I just say,sorry but I wont be in today.
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    Nice to here you agree that he should get the day off. We just had one driver ask for Monday off and was denied while at least 3 other drivers were not worked including 1 that was sent home that morning and was wanting to work. The guy that needed the day off had family in a terrible accident over the weekend and wanted to be there to help attend to their needs. Our managers lied and said they had nobody to cover the route. This is a routine problem in my center when it does not need to be. It has turned this driver from being one that gave 110% to one who gives 100%. It is really sad since this guy has gone out on at least 6-8 routes blind for them and this is how he is repaid. A happy employee is a great employee and a lied to employee comes in and does only what he needs to and not an ounce more. If you breed it you gotta claim it.
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    How small is that piece of glass?
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    comon red that response took way too long. It was good but took way too long. You're gonna have to get quicker if I ever come to chicago.
  19. 705red

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    I agree, but i havent been on in a couple of days! I have been real busy with driver terminations this week, see here our school year has started and the drivers are getting fired for taking their kids to school on the first day instead of going to work!
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    Call off that day, don't call in sick. When your boss answers the phone tell him/her that you won't be in today period. Nothing they say or do can make you come in. IF they want a reason tell thems it's personal matter, and that you will see them tomorrow morning and then hang up the phone.