Time Stamping?

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  1. CrazyD

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    Wondering if any other centers have been through this "time stamping"? We had a flurry of about 20 suprivisors a day riding with drivers, telling them to move quicker all day. Riding with each driver for 3 days. Telling them to cut through lawns, 1.9 seconds to get package from back of truck and out the door, making sure they do not do anything but work all day and work quickly!

    Now after the rides were over they have held the drivers to their "stops per hour" during those rides. We have had 4 drivers given warnings since they did not keep up with their time stamp.

    Our center is a little shaken over this.
  2. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    The infamous 3 day lock-in ride. They do that to drivers that complain too much or they just don't like. I love 'em.

    Work safe and follow the methods and a lock-in ride can be your best friend.
  3. helenofcalifornia

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    What area are you in? And if I had someone riding with me all day, I would be very dedicated to following all the safe work methods. (I hope this isn't a new nationwide effort by UPS.)
  4. CrazyD

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    Yeah I haven't had one yet, but I thought writing people on on production was against the contract... I could be wrong, I am a keep my head down and work kind of driver :)
  5. CrazyD

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    Detroit area
  6. Griff

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    I thought it was in the contract they can only ride with you once a year? I haven't seen this with my own eyes, but I've heard it from several veteran drivers. The numbers are garbage and the union doesn't recognize them, so how are these warning letters sticking?

    Also whenever someone tells me to hurry up or "put on the jets" I make sure to remind them that I'm working safely. That really rings their bell when you throw their fake safety system in their face.
  7. BCFan

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    :ohmy: the 1 day a year ride i am pretty sure is referring to 2 members of mgmnt team on the car with you....... Lock in rides can be your best friend...work at a safe pace dont let stupidvisors hurry you up (that is a safety issue)....train your customers that when you have that special person with you to delay you as much as possible....always use your hand truck and if they try and walk on your heels to hurry you up , stop and let them go ahead of you and slow down even more, or give em a "backdraft" blast in their face:tongue_sm :thumbup1: BC
  8. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    BC is right on all counts.

    I like the sups to ride with me. Gives me someone to talk to.
  9. local804

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    I like when they ride with me also. They can see how messed up their trace is and I get free lunch. If you just do the job right, they will have nothing on you.
  10. brown bomber

    brown bomber brown bomber

    I haven't had a supervisor ride w/ me for a full day in at least 10 yrs.

    I've been on my present route for about 12 yrs., the community has grown by about 25% in the past 5 yrs...yet no new time studies..no new routes either
  11. acronymsRus

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    Exactly what BC said! follow everything you have been trained and re trained to do. Use all methods and nothing counts, what can management say for following proper work methods and safe work habits? Also ask the "Rider" if he/she wants you to follow trace in DIAD and if so then a couple hours into it show them that you will need help to prevent missed business stops, (with them riding with you) and that justifies why you can't run in trace everyday.
  12. Hangingon

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    They can't get you on numbers per se, they can get you on displayed production. If they ride with you 3 days and your sporh goes up by 3, then they go down after the ride they can and will write you up. I never have been able to figure out why they think the numbers will go up when they're with you. If you suddenly have to out of weather, sight every DR, use the handrail, back first, etc at every stop it realistically should actually drop.
    My last ride my sporh dropped 3 an hour, and my sup could find nothing wrong besides I parked too far from the curb once. If you let them rush you, be prepared to use that pace all year, and double it at peak.
  13. wyobill

    wyobill New Member

    I wish they would stamp my route. I could use the extra time allocation. I cant begin to run scratch if I take my full lunch
  14. ups_vette

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    Excellent advice BCFan..Telling someone to "slow down even more" is a sure route to discharge. You better check the book (Contract) before you tell someone to slow down because both YOU and the person you told are subject to discharge.
  15. Hangingon

    Hangingon New Member

    Years ago we had a sup try to fire a FT loader for that. The sup heard him tell the driver 'Take it easy' when the loader was clocking out. He tried to make the argument the loader was encouraging the driver to slow down. Didn't get very far as you can imagine, but the loader was suspended for a week until the BA could get down there.
  16. 705red

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    Do it by the methods like bc said. DO NOT let them rush you take your breaks and lunches. Its called a performance ride here in chicago, and they attempt to hold you to you stops per hour, now give it the routes never have the same work on it from day to day so use that as an argument. If they keep pushing it vote that bonus out of your center, and lets see if they ride the bonus babies when they drop 10 to 15 stops an hour!
  17. blue bell

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    Cut through lawns??? That is not following designated path which they preach during their safety meetings. Remember some of our customers don't like anyone walking on their lawns.
  18. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    Bull droppings.
    I would love to have a manager tell me to cut thru a lawn. I would just hand them the keys to the pkg car and say, "you do it".
    1.9 seconds? Baloney. It takes that long to open the bulkhead door.
    Making sure they work all day, I have no problem with that, it is what we are paid to do.
    Yes work quickly, but safely.
    In 20+ years of driving, I have never had any manager even come close to doing what you claim.
    Time stamp? Is this a new catch phrase? I have never heard that one before.
    They can tell some drivers how to improve performance by using correct work methods. If they apply them daily their performance could improve.
    I take my full lunch every day. I do not run. I do not speed.
    I do use the work methods daily. They work to my benefit.
    I run overallowed every day(after the new time study), but no one can touch my sporh. So, management has no case against my performance.
    I think your post is bogus.
  19. brown67

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    Whenever I get one of those just follow all the methods to the letter. Our supps did a review and tried to have us sign them. Most everyone said no way. Don't sign anything on a production ride. Also, make notes of what areas and splits were on your route for those 3 days. Was the load set up stop for stop by the pre-load? If it was then your are in luck. Just tell them they need to have your load set up stop for stop like it was and the ride along. If they try to hold you to a production standard and your route has changed in any way then they are hosed, because its not the same load. My route varies a little everyday. They can only hold to a production standard if the route is the same.
  20. toonertoo

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    I love it when they ride with me, but they wont anymore. the last time they did, the sup begged for lunch, told them no time right now.
    Missed air commits, had too much and I told him before I left. He said he would help, and I for 1 1/2 hrs let him lift a pkg or two, just to prove I alone couldnt do it, we couldnt do it together!!!
    Dont hear much anymore, other than we cant have new studies so we will have to live with it.
    They have to live with it, I just do the best I humanly can.
    I loved it when I could look at the reports with pride, now the numbers mean nothing. I do the same job everyday, I know the shortcuts, I know exactly where every house is. The numbers are wrong based on the area I used to have vs. the area I now have. Its not my fault, I cant fix it. Its their baby, and until someone grows a set, and tells upper mgmt, or IE then they live with it. I know I do the job, and the only thing that changed is the OR. RIP pat on the back. Now I get a "good job" if Im under an hour over. Which is rare. It will all fix itself eventually if we dont give in to the skipping of lunch and break which your body needs to stay safe and refocus. Now the forced hour, would suck, we only get one half and we can break it up. If I was forced to take an hour I would get home even in the summer at dark, now that would totally suck, but I see it coming.