Time to grieve about OT?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Nazzrath, Oct 7, 2014.

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    I got word last week that my planned stop count is going up another 10 stops. That's in addition to the 15 stop increase from 6 months ago. Today, I did the 120 stops that they wanted me to do. I ended up working 9.75 hours + 1 hour break. It was a typical day, no major delays in delivering. That amount of work now prevents me from spending any meaningful time with my kids during the work week. Our contract mentions excessive overtime and requires UPS to plan an 8.5 hour day (9.5h with break). I'm planning to grieve this. Our building isn't known for grieving parts of the contract, and this would be my first grievance. Is there anything I should know before proceeding?

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    Talk to your steward and file away.
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    Please show us in the contract where it states an 8.5 hr planned day.
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    your break,doesnt count towards hours worked.
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    So you were at work for 10.75 hours and an hour of that was a break? You have to be violated 3 times in a week before you can file. And at my center the 1st time violation just gets you eligible to be on the "9.5 list".
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    Learn your wasting you breath from talking to them about dispatch. Just file and take it from there. I make 300+ a week for doing the same work as everyone else.
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