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Operational needs

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Tipping for self serve?

That would be like tipping at McDonalds.

Buffet only if something extra is involved.
I went to a taco place yesterday for lunch. It was like a regular restaurant inside with a bar. I walked in and had to place my order at the register. On the receipt it had a place for a tip. Woman gave me a buzzer and a cup. I got my drink and there were paper towels on the table. When the buzzer went off I went to the kitchen window and picked up my food. Had to ask the woman where the silverware was after looking in multiple places. Now, first of all, I had to do everything myself so why in the world would I tip? Also, why would anyone tip before they even got food or drinks? It was a weird set up.


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How exactly does one overtip?? Isn't a percentage or number, all opinion?

In Ireland, you generally don't tip at all.

Well yeah with money but I know @Turdferguson leaves a potato as a tip. It's like gold to them.