To TOS and the Rest of So. Cal. BCers

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jul 11, 2011.

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    Hope this brings humor for you guys this weekend.

    I pasted the link instead of embedding the video because the freeze frame used the "F" word in the subtitle. Warning of the language but I still love the "Downfall" video take offs!
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    If I ever used the 405 (extremely rare) I would just take those days off and chill.
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    That particular route was poorly designed way back.. The lanes are too thin, there arent enough lanes and nobody expected the growth on the north side when it was designed. I travel this freeway often, but this wont affect me in the least. Most of the traffic on that freeway on weekends are tourists anyways, so I am sure most of them will stay home.

    The beach areas will be empty, but I am sure the locals will enjoy the peace and quiet.

    There are many ways over the hill and its time people learned how to travel them. The only people who will find themselves in a bind, will be all the people on the northside trying to get to LAX.

    Still, the video was funny!

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    I hear there is an enterprising helicopter pilot offering rides at $150 per person during the construction.
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    Kim K. did her spiel and gave the wrong dates !!! Ditzy broad....wideload !!!
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    I know some here use to think (some may still) that TOS and Susiedrivr were one and the same because of similar patterns in what they posted. But after looking at the posting patterns of 2 other BC members I swear I'm really starting to think that Klein and Moreluck are in fact the same person!

    I'm just sayin'...................
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    You know I'm packin', right ??
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    But you have absolutely no idea what I'm packin'!