Today at work, I was told that we no longer have to report all injuries.

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    Today my full time sup told me that it is no longer a requirement to report all injuries regardless of the severity. He told me that I need to only report injuries that, in my judgement, I think are serious. Of course he did this verbally and he couldn't provide where he got this information other than through a phone call with our manager. I asked him if it would be a problem for me if in my judgement a cut was not serious, I didn't report it and it became seriously infected to a point where I had to report it about a week later. He said that would not be a problem, again verbally. What do you think, do you think I should trust him?:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    I would report everything plus ask for that in writing I bet you don't get it.
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    ah today we find out poop has a supervisor . yet for five months he could not ask the guy where the shepard hooks were. imagine that.

    as to the topic I find myself wondering how many paper cuts this guy has reported in order to get such a response from his sup.
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    Yet one of my fans speaks again! You're either a :stalker: or a fan. Maybe you're my #1 fan.:foamfinger:
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    Why would I take such a horrible bet? Anyone who wants to bet you on that should just fork over the money now!!:thumbup1:
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    The hourly should report all accidents to his/her supervisor or other management.
    After that, it is the responsibility of that management person whether to report it as a "reportable" accident.

    That is what the policy is and has always been that way as far as i know.
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    the sup should then in turn report the injury via shirmis. Regardless of the severity of the injury.

    the natural question here to ask would be;

    how many injuries have you reported

    what type of injury were you trying to report today. I may have to take this idiot and his ego off ignore just to see what kind of stupid dodge he comes up with.
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    Pe poops sup comforting him after one of his injuries

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    Can't argue with you on the idiot part after all my best career efforts, and I ended up as a UPS maintenance man. What an idiot! But the stupid dodge thing, I'm not with you. No where in the OP did I even hint that I was trying to report an injury today. You may want to try to read as carefully as you try to read into what others say. Maybe you just need glasses. Here try these!:geek: Don't worry you're still in the fan club!
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    I would report any and all injuries I got ON THE JOB to a sup no matter how minor. What happens when your minor injury turns into something more than minor and you didn't report it??? They are going to say you did it on your own time. In other words they are just looking for a another way to screw the working man. CYA and protect you and your family and your job.
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    Speeddemon buddy,you just had to didn't ya:smart:
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    Look out for yourself and your family. Ups sure is not going to. As Upsers we are bumped, bruised and banged on a daily basis. Report whatever you think needs to be reported because if you don't ; you will be screwed. If you tell UPS; he I banged my knee a few days ago but thought it was no big deal and now it is a major pain; they will not care. Call them in and record your phone calls to the center if you don't call Liberty. Let Mgmt know you are recording the conversation.
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    I'm not being sarcastic, this is an honest question.

    "What is the definition of an injury?"

    I have yet to hear a consistent or coherent answer to that question. I'm being serious. After 23 years on this job averaging 500+ pieces per day picked up and delivered, I get aches and pains and twinges on a more or less constant basis. Some days my back will start feeling a little sore by midday....other days it wont.

    If I reported an "injury" every time I felt pain of any sort, I would be calling in reports every damn day.

    I try to let common sense be my guide. I try to listen to my body and work thru most aches and pains, while at the same time being proactive enough to report and deal with minor injuries before they become more serious. Like it or not, its a subjective thing and on a certain level the company is just going to have to trust the integrity of its people.

    I must be doing something right, since in my 23 years I have never once been on Workmans Comp.
  15. JustTired

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    I agree in principle. But, we are living in a time where common sense often takes a back seat to greed.

    Maybe the OP does report every little thing...maybe he doesn't. Regardless, that is his decision to make and he may have good reason to do so. Having a sup come up to me and make that statement would certainly make me wonder the reasoning. I might be more likely to report something I normally wouldn't after hearing that.

    It's probably just a "numbers" thing, but it could be more serious than that. I would rather be on the safe side and protect myself. It would be better than getting shafted out of a rightly deserved benefit later. (Full disclosure: When I motto was "work thru the pain". I don't remember reporting anything. But the times...they are a changing.)

    In the final analysis...we are all responsible for taking care of our own business in the manor that we deem fit. Any employee is well within his/her rights to report any injury sustained while in the employ of any company. That's just a fact!
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    I also don't report every little scratch or bruise but will let them know if something happens that may prove to be significant. I am also careful in doing so as I am on their "repeater" list. I have to endure monthly reviews, with written tests and OAO's.
  17. tieguy

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    As I read your original post I can't picture the sup arbitrarily coming up and making that statement without some reason for doing so. Certainly he would not have said that to you if you had never had an injury. therefore its only logical to assume that you may be one of those guys that cries about every ache and pain and it would be logical to assume that you had some type of ache or pain you were informing your supervisor of when informed that it was not necessary to do so.

    there are people that undereport and those that over report. Your conversation indicates you may be one of those guys seeking constant attention perhaps even a hyochondriac or someone suffering from a form of munchausen syndrome.
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    No Tie is not a doctor, but he did stay at Holiday Inn Express last night.
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    Supervisor back tracked on this after I asked him to review what he went over with me yesterday when I was alone today at our morning pcm with 2 other maintenance guys participating. After a little discussion between one of the other guys and the sup he made it clear that we are to report all injuries regardless of the severity. I know the game!:tennis:
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    :death:Ouch! Oh it's not so bad, a mere flesh wound. I'm glad it wasn't worse, I might have to report it! That would really screw up our injury #'s.