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    My center management team hides missed packages by not sheeting them missed, but the OMS sheets future delivery for the next day without contacting the customer. Is dishonesty really better than a service failure??
  2. cosmo1

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    You just figured that out?
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    Man lands on moon story at 11
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    wow.. I thought I the only one here with a crooked center manager. :)
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    It's not dishonesty ... it's DOUBLE STANDARDS!
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    They tell us all the time that information about the package is as important as the package. Not false info.
  7. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    Yep. Any center team worth their salt has at least one way to cook the books.

    (Hoax, how's that for mixing metaphors?)
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    Hypocrites....Business as usual
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    wink wink ...customer requested late
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    ​A bit spicy!
  11. Dracula

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    This is a young worker's problem. After a while, you will learn to ignore the things that are out of your control. After 29 years, I put this kind of crap out of my mind. Does it bother me? Sure. Will I let my mouth run wild, and let it get my BP up and running? Not anymore.

    Bottom line: their company, and they make up the rules. Meaning, they can, and WILL, bend, break and change the rules at will. This stuff used to drive me nuts, and I would piss off managers with smart-ass ODS messages, and PCM comments pointing out their hypocrisy. But all that did was put a bulls-eye on my back, and eat me up. After all, if one of us drivers pulled this crap, obviously, we would be fired, post haste for falsifying records and not get our jobs back. I never really cared about having a bulls-eye on my back--I was used to that. What got to me was how much anger I carried around with me.

    When you're young, you tend to have an ideal outlook on the world. You think of the world in a zero sum kind of way. You think, "If this is 2/3's empty, then something needs to come along and fill that empty spot." And you think that, maybe, you can assist that process. But experience and hard knocks will correct you're way of thinking.

    There is nothing you can do about it. It's out of your control. Now, if one of those customers asked about their package, I would never hesitate to tell them the truth. I would give them the center manager's number and tell the customer to ask him or her what is the status of their stuff. But I wouldn't go out of my way to do so, because you're back in the 'out of your control' area.

    Let it go, man. If your managers do this enough, it WILL bite them back. Take comfort in the fact that you are a dumb truck driver. You don't need to think or worry. You just need to show up everyday and collect the big paycheck every week.
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    I'm not a young worker.. I've been here 28 years and this upsets me. It's really sad to see that it's not just my center
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    Not sure Ups could be convicted of anything, much less anything by using RICO.

    It's just cardboard, man.
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    It would be helpful if you document this behavior and have your coworkers do the same. If you make one mistake; you could be discharged immediately. The company may be able to continuously get away with blatant dishonesty. The union may not be able to help you based on this "its only dishonest if hourly's do it bullcrap" but the legal system will. Document everything. First bring it up to the UPS helpline.
    UPS has integrity and honesty policies in place for management as well as hourlys. These policies are in the Corporate Code of Conduct and Ethics.
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    I'm not entirely sure why this bothers you so much. The service failure already occurred.

    Technically speaking, they are only being dishonest to corporate. The customer knows he didn't future the package.

    On at least one occasion, they've removed OT minutes from my timecard and added regular minutes to make up the difference. As long as I get paid what I'm due, I don't much care what they put down on their papers.

    The only way this dishonesty can attribute to future service failure is... if they are hiding a potential issue with the way their operation is run, it will never get fixed.
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    How is this not being dishonest to the customer?

    As was said above, the only time I will say anything to the affected customer is if they ask---other than that, it is none of my concern.
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    Maybe the center manager wanted to surprise the customer. Customers tracks and waits all day Tuesday no package. Then Wednesday package, surprise!
  20. Richard Harrow

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    Let me understand this. You assert that this is dishonesty, and clearly this tactic by management is practiced wantonly across the company, but you also team up with them when it comes to sales leads so that they can try to screw over even more customers?

    Do you care about the customer or not, because it really sounds like you're talking out both sides of your mouth here?