Tony Blair Speaks The Real Truth

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by any122, Dec 23, 2006.

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    When Tony Blair was talking with his parliament he was asked this question.Why do you always support the United States?He responded."The only two people I know to have died for me Jesus Christ died for my soul AMERICAN GIS died for my FREEDOM" How true It's sad that more Americans don't think on the same wave as Blair.So as you sit and cheer your politicle partys way of thinking remember the BOOTS on the ground fighting In Iraq our doing it for one reason and one reason only FREEDOM!The freedoms most take advantage of every day.In a time of war all shoud support their president and troops.If you don't support United States In a time of war In my eyes you our not a AMERICAN.GOD BLESS.
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    Tony Blair said that huh? Okaaayyyy...:wink:
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    great quote:thumbup1:
  4. Jones

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    The made-up "Tony Blair quote"? He never said any such thing. I heard a drunk guy say it in a bar once, but he was pretty hammered and I doubt he remembers it.

    I hope you guys are enjoying your day off :).
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    I had a feeling that drunk I saw was Tony! And GW was with him and they were plotting a mideast strategy together while this bartender who looked so much like Cheney was feeding them shots. Everytime either one insisted that was enough, the barkeep would insist on "one more for the road!"

    What was even worse was the handfull of loose women who looked like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolton, Perle and Kristol were also trying to pick them up for a wild fling!

    Yikes! The thought of these 5 dressed in drag makes me wanna hurl!

    Let's be honest. The only reason a Brit would make this kind of comment about the "colonies" is that it's been "the colonies" who have kept what's left of the "Great Empire" alive in the 20th century. The mideast is a British Empire mess via post WW1 and we've been thrown into the fire on their behalf to clean it up and maintain the status quo.

    The Spice must flow!
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    You're probably right. But I thought a european remembering we saved their collective asses would be a great quote.
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    I'll submit that Jones point of origin is likely correct but the real fact is there is a bit of truth in the saying. Even though you can seriously question our presence in WW1 and even the events that caused US entry into WW2 (US embargo of Japan on oil) the fact is had we not entered either of those wars it's very probable the British empire as we know it and it's 20th century history would be vastly different. It's no arguement that millions of European lives would have been very different had we not entered, especially WW2.

    Whether Tony Blair said it or not doesn't discount it's effects on some level of historical fact.

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    If we could only turn back the hands of time to not follow the path we did! " the old coulda, woulda, shoulda!"