Top new stories the Mainstream media (aka Liberal) Missed

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Lue C Fur, Dec 31, 2009.

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    Watered down, heavily filtered "news" devoid of objectivity designed to maintain a predetermined agenda. Think of the news censors in the movie "Good Morning Vietnam". (How are ya, how are ya)
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    I vote for Van Jones.....I think he started the ball rolling.....he gave birth to "the blues" for Obama.
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    So Fox is "mainstream". That's what I thought.
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    It is until the next time you or some other lib makes the biased news argument against them.:happy-very:

    That science czar looks pretty scary.

    Coming out of Bushs landslide in 2004 mainstream media made the argument that the democrats could not hold such an extreme coalition of liberal special interest groups together. Obama was able to hold them all together and then appears to have rewarded the leaders of thsoe groups with the position of Czar something.Van Jones , the science czar and the guy on slide 10 that promoted homosexuality in the schools are some fine examples.
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    Just going with Upstate's definition. Happy New Year:happy2:
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    As 2009 fades away, President Obama has decided to let disclosure of hundreds of millions of dollars in forced-union-dues disclosure fade away too. Under current law and regulations valid until December 30th, union bosses were supposed to carefully document the billions of dollars they extract from workers as a condition of employment that they in turn pour into front groups and other “funds” each year.
    A large part of the billions were about to be made public and reported on a Department of Labor disclosure form known as the Form T-1 Annual Report. But, that won’t happen now!

    According to Bureau of National Affairs, Inc, “The Labor Department is issuing a final rule that extends for one year the deadlines for unions to file Form T-1 Trust Annual Report Reports.”
    After allowing only 11 days of comments from the public, the Obama Administration postponed requiring reports for another year. During 2010, the Obama Administration states that it intends to completely eliminate the financial disclosure.
    Again, the Obama Administration is blatantly paying back union bosses at the expense of rank-and-file workers.
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    I make that argument with every post I make. Have you read my Signature line....

    oh, hey Wkmac, I thought the bowing was to appease
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    Might as well change it. You admitted fox was balanced in your other post.
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    Enjoyable and humorous but very much to the point IMO.

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    I can't confirm Obama ordered it but there are reports the source of the attack was a renegade CIA operative turned operational Taliban.

    The article you posted was written by one Sorcha Faal and this same article appears at several other sites as well. At it was reported in Sept. 2007' that one Sorcha Faal is an internet hoax created by one David Booth, an American Computer programmer. I'd consider what you read at the link you posted just another hoax in a long line of other hoaxes.

    Sorry to disappoint.

    I had a very hard if not impossible time believing that anyway although I'd love it if it were true and before the Obamabots start bouncing off the wall I'd have felt equal joy if Bush or McCain (had he been elected) done the same! Like Obama however, I can't see either of them giving that order. Now down the chain of command? Hmmmm!
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    Thanks wkmac for the update.
    Have another one for you;

    how the first lady may have lost her law license.
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    You research it cause I really don't care one way or the other.
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    yea I'm not crazy about all that sucking up either so lets see if we can delve into some of the details instead.why would Obama appoint someone as a safe schools czar that promotes homosexuality amongst seventh graders and why would everyone but Fox news ignore the story?

    Personally I think you should do some stupid rant about faux news like backside does instead of delving into these details.
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    Spurned mistress takes spectacular revenge on Obama adviser by plastering U.S. cities with compromising posters

    By Mail Foreign Service
    Last updated at 2:41 PM on 22nd Jan. 2010

    A spurned mistress took spectacular revenge on her ex-lover by plastering three cities with compromising billboard posters.
    YaVaughnie Wilkins, 41, selected images of herself with high-flying businessman Charles E. Phillips, who is an adviser to Barack Obama, after he returned to his wife Karen.

    She paid around £30,000 each for three posters in New York, one in Atlanta - and one in San Francisco where Wilkins lives and his technology company Oracle is based.

    [​IMG] Shamed: YaVaughnie Wilkins poses with former lover Charles E. Phillips in a poster she placed in New York
    Her extraordinary actions had the desired effect. The chief executive has been forced into an embarrassing public statement in which he admitted their affair.
    'I had an eight-and-a-half year serious relationship with YaVaughnie Wilkins. The relationship with Ms Wilkins has since ended and we both wish each other well,' he said.

    Phillips, 50, is a member of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board.
    According to the New York Post, Mrs Phillips had filed for divorce last February but no further action had been taken.

    The huge posters had baffled Americans.

    One billboard in Times Square shows the couple beaming, is captioned 'Charles & YaVaughnie' and using his initials proclaims: 'You are my soulmate forever. cep.'

    The posters also include a web address which is a shrine to their affair, with pictures chronicling their travels around the world, including the Great Wall of China and Sydney Harbour, as well as ticket stubs from concerts, films, sports games and President Obama's inauguration.
    The web site includes love notes, with the messages: 'You're all that matters to me,' and her gushing: 'Charles, you have my heart forever – I love you so much.

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