Tracking Numbers or Counting Tool?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upslocal480, Aug 22, 2002.

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    Anyone else sick of UPS's over emphasis on scanning? I've noticed that supervisors seem to have discovered a new use for the tracking numbers and that is counting packages instead of tracking them. At my center sups dont really get mad when we miss a package and then say the customer wont be able to track it but they get mad and say that package wont show up on their "numbers". It seems that now that sups use the tracking numbers to have a "numbers" contest with other centers/hubs. I call the contess "greed". Its gotten so bad at my center lately. There is a magazine factory in town and sometimes they put out more than the drivers can pick up so we send a feeder out to pick them up. They want origin scans so bad here that they make us unload it and our builing isnt even equiped to unload trailers on our shift. Sometimes it'll have 12 skids of magazines on it. We have to get out portable rollers that are warped and dangerous to unload on. We have to set one end on the side edge of the belt and the other end in the trailer and up on jack stands that we have to borrow from our The crap falls all the time and one day someone WILL get hurt. And it'll all be because management wants more "numbers". They are so desperate for scans that lately they've had us send back packages to the hub that drivers have made an attemp on so we can get more origin scans. Thats stupid and risky cause a package could get missorted easily in the hub and not make it back on time. For example..Lets say someone sends me a package from NY. It'll go through several hubs then finally arrive at the Whites Creek Hub in Nashville, Tn then fed to our Center here. My center is 30 minutes from Nashville. If I'm not home the first day a driver attempts to deliver it then my package is getting scanned and sent back to Nasvhille and could be missorted! That would be pathetic if my package didn't make it here when I needed it because it was shipped back to Nashville and mistakingly sent to Oregon but was in our center first!! Greed...pure greed!
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    My center has been talking quite a bit about scanning too, but the emphasis is on delivery scans. I honestly believe they are concerned about tracking, not package count. They get some kind of report when a package is missing a scan (origin, destination, or delivery), and I believe that report makes them look bad.

    There is no way your send-agains should leave your vehicle to go to another hub, then back to your vehicle the next morning. Thats a stupid waste of money AND could easily cause the service failure you described.

    If the trailer off-load process is as bad as you describe, you should report it to your sup, your safety commitee, and your shop steward. No need for anyone to get hurt!
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    It's even worse than you think. For the first time here I'm going to tell you something that is very little known in the company but since your so atuned to the evil nature of UPS management I'll share it with you. Those scanners are much more than scanning devices. They use an RF signal to upload the data to a transponder but thay also have other devices imbedded in them. They have GPS tracking so they know when you leave your load to hit the coffee machine or the restroom and they know how long you are there. I guess you've seen the various micro cameras advertised on the net? Well guess what's inside that scanner? YEP, your a star my friend. UPS security stop putting hidden cameras in the loads because each one of you clowns are wearing one on your wrists. With technology what it is, don't you think UPS could mount an automatic scanning device on the conveyor and capture every package rather than rely on humans and human error? Why do that when they can piggyback a camera on your butt! Don't screw up or they'll really nail your butt.

    Time for me to go now. I've got a lunch date with Lee Harvey Oswald and Harvey the Rabbitt. And you thought Jack Ruby shot Lee! That wasn't Jack, it was J Edgar Hoover and I can prove that too. But that's another thread. C Ya!
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    What you are saying about sendagain packages having to go back to an intermediate hub for another scan makes no sense. As long as it recieved some type of logical scan in the delivery center it needs nothing else. Scanning every package is absolutely essential in order to give the customer what they have paid for. It is also part of the job you get paid to do.

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    "As long as it recieved some type of logical scan in the delivery center it needs nothing else."

    Exactly! And imagine how confusing it would be for the customer to track this online, and see destination scan, delivery attempt scan, AND THEN another origin scan, destination scan, and hopefully another delivery scan. That customer would have to wonder what the Hell we were doing with his package!
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    Ok here's the deal...I work in a small package car center on reload (twilight at hubs) and all we do here is unload the package cars as they come in. And of course that occasional feeder once or twice a week. The scans I was talking about go like this.... The send agains that are being shipped from what we call "Clarksville to Clarksville" is what we are unloading and scanning and loading onto an outbound trailer. So any package that drivers have made an attempt on that are being shipped from somewhere in our zone to another point in our zone are being sent to the hub and are at risk of being missorted there or damaged or any other of the many possibilitys that come with being sent to a hub. It's rediculous even if it is "the job I'm paying paid to do". I mean a package that shouldnt even leave this zone is being shipped out of zone just to get scans. }It's way to risky in my opinion, and everyone I work with also, and is greed worth it?
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    Missed pkgs. are another "hot" item. At our ctr when we call them in for status we are sometimes ignored. WE call in and say we cannot deliver a chaser missed and be under 9/5. The sups do not want the pkg sheeted as missed but rather NI1,NI2, etc. A missed pkg goes on the report next day and screws up the ground guarantee
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    Could you please explain what you mean by your zone? Do you mean center, zip code, district, etc.? I need to know to evaluate what you stated about sending packages back to the hub.
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    My zone means the area which are drivers deliver to.
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    Are you saying you sheet pkgs as Not In when you actually made no attempt? Are you saying management is TELLING you to falsify Diad entries this way? Sounds to me like you could be cheating the customers out of a refund they deserve.

    In my center we must also call in pkgs that are off area, but if we cant deliver them (too far away, or would put us over 9.5), we would be expected to sheet them as missed.To do otherwise would be a huge integrity issue for UPS.
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    Who said anything about sheating? I'm saying we have to take send agains off the package cars and scan them and send them to the hub from our center. People are sending packages from one side of town to another but if an attempt is made and nobody is home then the driver brings the package back to the center and its gets sent out to the hub likes its a package going out of town or out of state. Management has us doing this so they can have more origin scans.