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    Tracking a pkg. that originated in Chico CA on 2-6, moved to Richmond CA on 2-7, and shows no further progress. What's up with that?
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    What's the tracking number, and where is it headed? If it is a local delivery in the Richmond area, then call for some follow-up, if it is going out of state, then there is probably a scanning issue. If you state your tracking number, I'll be glad to look at it.
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    Wheres it headed? If its going across country you won't see any other activity until the trailer this package is on arrives at its next stop.
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    I track my packages all the time @ WWW.UPS.COM website & also w/text messaging on my cell phone.

    Some of my packages are MISSED PACKAGE the driver says to me it was put on the wrong truck! ROUTED INCORECTLY, or say RECEIVER NOT IN ON FIRST DELIVERY ATTEMPT. Meanwhile I was home the truck went past my house down my street....didn't stop I never received a sticky note on the door either!

    How are packages missed? Could it be the driver didn't feel like delivering it that day! Afterall the truck goes down my street a few times a day! There's many businesses on my street so between pick-ups & deliveries.

    He's here everyday!
  5. upsr

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    How many times can you list RECEIVER NOT IN ON 1ST DELIVERY ATTEMPT? My pkg. has been sitting on the since 3/6th finally got delivered 3/11th!




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    Good Morning!

    I have a ? about UPS (Blue label) 2 Day Air......Does it have to be delivered by a certain time of the day?

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    Blue label 2nd day air to a business must be delivered by the end of the business day. There is no time commitment for residential.
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    wigman, Thanks for the info!

    The went down my street @ 6:49PM but didn't stop!

    I checked the tracking on the UPS website it says EXCEPTION 7:38pm
    PACKAGE MISSED NO DELIVERY ATTEMPT MADE I guess it'll get delivered on Monday! St. Patrick's Day! Does all the missed/undeliverable pkg.'s stay on the back @ the HUB waiting for next delivery day? or Do you have to scan them out then back in for the next day they are deliverable?

    What's all the writing on the pkg.'s all about? Do you have to leave a note written on a missed pkg. or undeliverable pkg. Sometimes on my pkg.'s I'll see numbers, dates plus a few letters have no idea what else this could be unless someone's initials or a code in UPS lingo!

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    Today @ 6:28PM


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    You need to call or go by your delivery center. I'll bet you'll find a supervisor that will take care of the problem.
  11. wigman

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    Unfortunately, it seems that your driver is a knuckle head. It looks like there may be an integrity issue here. Please confront him or her about this. If you are home and you are frequently getting missed, it is unacceptable and it is embarrassing to me. We all make mistakes, and I am not saying that I never miss a delivery, but it is few and far between. Especially to a regular stop.
  12. upsr

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    Found out he's afraid of me getting hit by the UPS so he won't deliver to me! If I'm home. Does this make sense?


  13. wigman

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    What? Unless you are jumping out in front of him when you hear his truck. Did he actually tell you this? To answer your question, this makes no sense. Mabee you two should get some counciling. Just kidding!! Good luck TIA!!
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    It does appear his delivery time is fairly consistent where you could stop him and ask him why the package was recorded as not in 1.
  15. superfly

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    Tieguy--Typical management response "stop him and ask him why package was not in 1". If you stop and talk to the delivery driver.....why wouldn't get your package off of his truck?!?! Only a fool would ask why it was coded wrong and then let him proceed on his merry way with your package STILL ON the truck. Geesh.

    Is this the kind of creative thinking they teach you guys in management training camp? Yes, always find a victim to blame, and then code the infraction properly. Paperwork must be in order at all times.

    I'm just glad you guys don't run our electric utilities or the banking system....."Yes, your deposit was made but not recorded in our records in time for your check to clear, so we are holding your funds hostage in our computer system indefinately....when we feel like it we'll release your funds back to you. For a fee, of course. Have a nice day".
  16. upsr

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    Yep! He's the crazy one thinking he'll run me over with the if I met him on the street. I did stop him somewhere on his route to get one of my packages...I was out n about & since I saw him I stopped by the to get my package....he was busy so he said he'll deliver it later to my house!

    Another time I drove by the I asked if he wanted anything from the deli cause it was close to lunchtime. He said no he'll get something later on but thanks for asking! I did nothing wrong I was just being nice cause I figured you guys got lots of stops to make & sometimes to wait in line @ a deli might take-up most of your lunchtime. Now he thinks I'm following him on the route! How crazy is this? I mean this is where I live I drive these roads all the time, whenever he saw me he'd smile & wave to me I don't know why he's being so freaked out & paranoid now!

  17. upsr

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    tieguy, His delivery time is actually going down my street more than once a day so it varies in time. I'm not sure if he's got to do the pick-ups 1st. then the deliveries or a combo of both. To me I think he drives in circles all day long! I'm not too sure how the routes go so I can't really say. I did stop & question him about my missed packages....showing him the print-out from the WWW.UPS.COM website where I check the tracking when I'm expecting a delivery! He said to me he doesn't have my packages I have someone else delivering them. I said ok but why don't I get them? Then he said he's afraid of hitting me with the I think this is a stupid reason too!

    I checked some of my missed packages that have a + written on them & each section has some writtings like #'s & it could be his initials, the other section has a NI or a AT with a 2 circled next to it. Is this some sort of code?

    Is there any law about with holding packages that are deliverable? I don't want him to get in trouble because of a stupid situation.
    All I want is my packages delivered on time! Now is that too much to ask!

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    I'd love to have a route full of customers like you. Ever think of moving to southeast Virginia?
  19. dammor

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    Tell me Tia, do you have a crush on the UPS guy?
    It sounds a bit to me like you are stalking him.
    Nothing wrong with stopping a driver and asking for a package, but your seem obsessive. You should get your packages when they are scheduled for delivery. If not, then take it up with the local management. If your day is spent watching out the window for the UPS guy he may very well be hoping he doesn't have a package for you.
    I may be wrong. JMO
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    Dammor, I was thinking the same thing. Tia, I don't think your driver is afraid of running you over, but he very well may be afraid of running into you. You give every appearance of being a stalker.