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    Clarkie, Sorry to say I'm not moving to SouthEast Virginia anytime soon!

    Some of my packages are really heavy so I tip well.
    My UPS guy knows I can't lift anything heavy cause of my bad back from a car accident a few years ago. So he brings mostly these packages to the garage for me. My husband's always ordering parts for our dunne buggy he's building another one.

    I guess your a kewl UPS guy wanting to have a route full of customers like me.

    The day I saw the driver on the road this was a big heavy package which just wouldn't fit in my truck with my dogs. He was in a bad mood so I caught him off guard back @ the getting his next delivery ready cause the business he was stopped @ didn't have the package ready for the pick-up the shipping label fell off so he had to wait. I could see having a few stops like this can piss you off!

    The package I was waiting for was a tiny box which got lost somewhere, wasn't on his He had the huge mirrored cabinet which was not scheduled for delivery until a few days later. Now I can understand why he just didn't go get it & give it to me. He delivered it later on w/a

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    dammor, Whatever you think!!!!I'm not a stalker.
    The only thing I like him as a friend not really what I'd call a crush. I'm a married woman but I can have guy friends my husband is ok w/this. Especially going out to lunch, talking sex. I'm sorry if everyone got the wrong impression I mean no harm!

    I do not chase after the I've got many errands to run so I'm out n about on the road again!