Train Accident


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Uh, oh!!! Look left, right, left? Or is that right, left, right? Or is that I'm too busy to look? Or is that I'm punching some things in my board? Or is that I'm talking on my cell phone? Hmmmm. Glad he's alright.
He'll be healthy enough to look for another job.


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The driver of a Brown UPS truck was able to avoid serious injury Wednesday when the truck he was driving collided with a train near Warner.
The accident occurred at the intersection of Brown County Road 10 and Brown County Road 21, about three miles north of Warner, Trooper Joel Carda of the South Dakota Highway Patrol said.

Blame it on the curse of the BROWNS! Dang, with that many Browns something had to give. UPS UPS UPS UPS four times in the article. I think everyone understands UPS was involved in the accident.


LOL @ DeputyDip, I never noticed all the "Browns" in it the first time I read it. Haven't heard yet if the guy got fired yet or not, but I'm familiar with the intersection where this happened and if anybody's ever been to South Dakota you know it is flat as a pancake and you can see for miles in all directions, usually. So, the excuse "I didn't see it" shouldn't apply in this situation.


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it says the accident happend at 10:38 am...i hope he had his airs off on time. left, right , left is overrated. it only works when starting up at an intersection.


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Our center manager said the driver stopped and looked left, right, left. It was wittnessed by the train conductor. luckily the train hit near the rear of the car. The good news is there is one less 500 out there.


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Now that is definately an avoidable accident. How on earth does one "collide" with a train?? Unless he was trying to be Joe Cool and "beat" the train.