Train hits UPS truck

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    Train hits UPS truck - Wentatachee World

    A United Parcel Service truck was hit by an eastbound Burlington Northern Santa Fe train in the crossing at 3418 Malaga Alcoa Highway on Thursday afternoon. According to Chelan County Sheriff Lt. Kent Sisson, the UPS truck was leaving businesses, stopped before crossing the train tracks, but was unable to cross before being hit by the train. The driver of the UPS truck was injured and transported along with a passenger to Central Washington Hospital.
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    You gotta be kidding me! What part of the 5 seeing habits didn't this driver use? Looks like all FIVE.
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    How ironic is it that there is a UPS feeder truck ON THE TRAIN!
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    He slowed down the delivery of a lot of packages that day, not just on his truck. That much being said, I'm glad we are not discussing any fatalities.
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    article says that the passenger was another employee and that he was twenty years old. That age either makes him a driver helper or a supervisor.
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    Whatever happened to common sense but thank GOD nobody was killed.:happy2:
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    Thank goodness no one was hurt. What a mess to deal with. We get in such a hurry, it only takes a second and one bad decision to abruptly change someone's life or end it. May we all be more diligent in our travels this holiday season, both at work and on our own time.