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    Sorry if this has been posted before. I'm a part time sup at a building that has a boxline and 3 centers in it. I'm the supervisor of a boxline and I would like to know how other buildings do their training of new hires on the boxline. We, as part time sups, are suppose to train guys over the first three days. The first day the new hire is suppose to only sort packages and load one PC while I load the other 3-4. As I said, we increase work load over the first 3 days and on their forth day we are suppose to let them go completely by themselves. I was the sup over the unload/sort aisle for a while and training was a piece of cake because I could put them with a seasoned unloader to show them the ropes. I've heard of certain places having a training team but that's just hearsay for me. Just curious what other places do.
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    Simba I would love to help as I have many years of preload experience...but whats a box line?lol
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    ITs a bunch of cages that go around in a circle and they throw packages in to be loaded. Check google and you can find some videos of a boxline lol
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    Thought you'd been driving since 2010?
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    In my opinion training at ups for preload is inadequate. I would think you would want to familiarize each employee with every aspect including driver helper. Its easier to understand if you know why you do waht you do and how it fits in with the day to day operations.
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    PASS eliminates the need for extensive training.

    I would love for some of these new preloaders to be required to spend a day or two on the road with their driver to see the effect load quality has on our day.
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    Start misloading rookies!
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    Cha Ching. Had 4 today. Free money running em off. Would love to see my center manager's face Monday, when he sees I was 60 miles over. This idiot wants you to run off every MisLoad NO MATTER WHERE IT IS. Then has the nerve to flip out every morning in the PCM about miles.
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    I would love to see a preload manager spend a day on road to see the effect his management directives has on a drivers day.
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    You shouldn't be touching any boxes, and the employees should file every time they see you do it.
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    he could be from a small center that pulls off a belt and doesn't have boxlines.
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    I have seen videos of those, none in our building its pretty small.1 belt that runs down the center
  14. InRythmWithTime

    InRythmWithTime I've gone big, now I'm going home