Transfer out of state


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I thought it was his idea to move there
Its both but he brings it up more than I do. I was resigned to the fact we were here until he retires but he got wrong information from someone and thought he had an out so he asked me to research it. I have been all over the internet and read the master agreement as well as the supplemental agreement for his current local and the local he wants to get into hoping I could find something but we have come to the realization that we either stay here until he retires or he quits and gets rehired there. Neither of us wants him to start all over again. Hes worked hard and has earned his 5 weeks every year.


Lol. I bring in a good salary and get quarterly bonuses. I work for a company that allows their employees to transfer. Sounds like your jealous that your wife doesnt contribute much to the household income. Maybe she should move to florida and divorce your sorry aaa and get that alimony check cuz you sound like you should be in management

So, whatd ya decide you giving the loot back like a good citizen or
Keeping it and becoming an accomplis