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  1. Ok, this is a hard one. But don't shut it down right away. Hopefully there's a way to do this. My husband is a driver of 21 years. We want to transfer to the UK. Not for school or military reasons. Does anyone have any idea if this is in any way possible? Thanks!
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    I would imagine transfering to the UK would be about the same as a US citizen wanting to work in Canada. We have a friend whos daughter married a Canadian and it took almost three years of paper work and running around for her to get cleared to work there. A temp work visa is one thing but getting permission to steal a Canadians job takes an act of Parliament. Now if you wanted to illegally sneak into the US and work or get welfare that seems to be a piece of cake.
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  3. scooby0048

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    Normally transfers of drivers are about as common as winning the Powerball but they happen. I cannot offer any facts about international transfers but I would imagine it would be impossible unless your husband quit and reapplied in the UK which would mean he starts over from scratch. If you come up with the answer, please come back and brief us on the details. Good luck to you and yours!
  4. We're hoping that if we can get our labor guys here to talk to their labor guys there, we can get on a transfer list. We just want to keep his company seniority for retirement reasons. I really need to find a way to make this happen.
  5. Brownslave688

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    Highly unlikely.
  6. I know it's unlikely. Otherwise I wouldn't be asking, silly. And unlikely isn't impossible. ;) I'm just wondering if anybody has even attempted this.
  7. Brownslave688

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    Ok honestly you better hire tom cruise because it's essentially mission impossible.
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    * duplicate post
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    This won't work. His retirement is through his loca Union not through the company.

    Pulling off a transfer within the same local is not an easy task. You're asking for a miracle.
  10. What about quitting, showing up in UK, applying at their UPS and getting hired within the 30 day (or is it 90) stay period? Still impossible? :'(
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  12. But why not?
  13. Turdferguson

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    Because UPS isn't set up that way. The international UPS is companies bought by UPS, but are not UPS package anymore the UPS freight is
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    Maybe if you sleep with the CEO. Video tape it and black mail him so his wife won't find out.

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  15. Ugh, this breaks my heart. I hate it.
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    But why?
  17. Ha!!!
  18. Lol, stop! Don't be mean.
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    You look pretty attractive from your avatar. Let me introduce myself, I am the CEO of UPS and I hear you have a problem?
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  20. Omg, :laugh:HAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!