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  1. TJtheUPSMan

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    My wife just received a new job and we will be needing to move soon. The job is too far for me to commute every day and I would like to transfer. I actually transferred from this hub to the center that I am currently working at now about 7 years ago. I would be returning to the hub I was originally hired at. I also would like to change my position. I have been a full time package car driver for about 4 years now and I would like to go back to part time, working the noon day sort at this hub. The reason I want to go back to part time is so that I can go back to school and get my degree. My questions are....
    1.Can I transfer AND go back to part time all at once?
    2.AND keep my seniority as a part timer again? (vacations, bid list seniority, benefits)
    3. AND be able to have the part time wage that I would be making had I stayed part time???
  2. JonFrum

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    If both buildings are within the same Local, you can transfer, but only in accordance with the rules in your Supplement.

    If you are transfering within the region covered by the Western Supplement, you can transfer according to its rules.

    You probably can't go back to part-time without quiting and getting rehired. But it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  3. menotyou

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    I was told when I went FT, that if I ever wanted to go back to PT, I had to quit first. I think its stupid, but considering how often UPS does whatever they like, who knows? Stranger things have happened.
  4. mikeny

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    i was told anyone can transfer, but to keep seniority you can only transfer if it's for school.
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    We had a full time seniorty driver transfer to part time air driver, he was opening a business and just needed benefits, He has now quit, his business is booming
  6. ncamara

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    Wow, I thought that wasn't possible. Can you provide additional details? I'm sure many drivers would be interested in making that move, especially as they get closer to retirement age.
  7. TJtheUPSMan

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    That is very interesting indeed! If you could share any details on that, that would be great. Just to be clear, because of her new job I will be going back to school. The area we will be moving to has several schools to choose from and me having the opportunity to go back to school there is one of the many reasons she is accepting this job. Believe it or not, I love driving, I just can't stand the way things are being done where I am. Although I would like to stay with the company in order to keep benefits and decent pay, I AM willing to find something completely new. I hate to throw away 8 years of seniority and time spent with the company but I am still young and would really much rather be doing what I REALLY want to do than drive a brown truck for another 24 years.