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    I did an educational transfer last year in order to finish college. Now, I want to attend law school which is close to my original building. If i successfully transfer back to my original building, would my building seniority start from where it end-tailed or start over again?
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    We have a few cases where I'm at where someone transfered out and then transfered back...they kept all of their seniority, but they kept a low profile and "fell through the cracks" when it went to panels. Who knows honestly, but as I read and understand the contract, you start over.
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    You could go ahead and practice your chosen profession, read the contract in depth to find your answer.

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    Seniority only matters if you plan to stay there a long time.
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    Your seniority should be end-tailed (meaning you start over). Dove-tailing means you get slotted into the current seniority list -- this only applies to feeder drivers following their work to another hub if their routes have been cut or transferred.

    In practice, however, sometimes people "slip through the cracks" just like sortaisle said. Without checking the contract to be positive, the seniority lists have to be revised/corrected and then posted every year by the end of January. If they aren't challenged within a certain period (30 days?) then they stand as correct/valid.
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    Oddly enough, when I transferred almost 10 years ago to where I'm at now, the language was interpreted as after 6 months if I switch shifts my seniority dove did and I got bid positions and even went driving about 6 years ago, but during my 30 days, I dropped out myself because the 22.3 jobs were starting to come around and I wanted the day/pm air shift. That's when they said they made a mistake and shouldn't have got my seniority back. My steward and I went to panels with the posted seniority list argument and I still lost anyway. It honestly depends on who your BA is and if you can make it to panels to stare at everyone working. Otherwise they trade your case like a baseball card. That's what happened to me. I couldn't make it to Montana and my case got traded. People still fell through the cracks around me and I had to wait till now to go driving.
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    I transferred over ten years ago. For years I had two seniority dates on the list ( company and new building) and " education transfer" next to them. My new building seniority date eventually disappeared along with "education transfer". Now I'm quite a few spots down the list under people with less overall seniority than me with no explanation for why. Sounds like I've fell into one of those cracks. :)
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    As stated in the other posts, your seniority should be end-tailed (meaning you start over). However you would need to check your local supplement. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe some supplements use company seniority when it comes to Layoffs.