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  1. boxhandler

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    I need help on info for transferring from California to Washington State. I am a driver and looking to transfer, HR is telling me I can't transfer within my Region only my district. I am not familiar with the term "can't", so I am asking for anyone's knowledge on anything I can request. From looking for a transfer exchange employee to following my wife to her job. I have been with brown for 10 years and do not want to start over completely, building seniority is fine but company is a bit scary. Thank you anyone in advance.
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    The only way I know that someone can transfer with seniority is to become a full time college student, but if you really want to do it, maybe look into becoming a student at a community college where you are transferring. I know it sounds crazy, but look more into it. No one is saying you have to go to the classes, but money for the classes my be a problem
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    The Western conference does allow transfers but I am not sure if you transfer anywhere with the Region or if transfers are limited to within the Districts.
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    I've never heard of a FT hourly transferring, unless their work has moved centers.
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  5. UPSGUY72

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    FTimers can't use a educational transfer only PTimers can...
  6. 1989

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    Transfer sign ups are always in October for the following year. The language is in your western supplement. My understanding is not all California is part of the western conference. Possibly you could get a back door (hush hush) transfer deal.
  7. UPSGUY72

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    Read Article 6, Section 6 of the Western Supplement. There are steps you have to take you can't just walk into HR and say you want to transfer.

    Also transfer aren't automatic there has to be and opening thus you can't say I want to transfer on April 1 you have to wait till there is a opening.

    If HR is giving you a problem you might need to talk to your steward or BA or ask HR for the paper work that says transfer are only allowed in district..... Then show them the contract when they can't cough up the other paper work.....
  8. boxhandler

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    Thank you all for your info. Yes p/t can transfer for education not f/t. And the book says "any such transfer must be an area covered by Nor cal supplement.
    I understand it's not gonna be immediate. I even had the idea of looking into management then applying for off the street. I would rather one of those (hush hush deals) that being said, anyone out there drinking coffee in the brown cafe sittin on the interweb that wants to move from Washington to California shoot me a message. Maybe it will work in both our favors.
  9. Orthello

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    You will probably get hired in the new area... But you will lose all your seniority. That is what I have always heard.
  10. boxhandler

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    I'm not worried about building seniority. They are trucks and boxes we all do the same thing. I just want to get out of where I am now in my life and town and start fresh. And bring a new better opportunity to my kids. And I'm just looking for the way to transfer being told I can't transfer out of Nor Cal. There has to be a way. There's always a way.