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    Hey guys, so I want to transfer to another state and I need to be going to school for it to work out. The thing is, I can't afford school tuition unless I'm an actual state resident, and that takes a year. Do you think I could apply to a school, get accepted, register for classes, and then after showing my schedule to management I can drop the classes and get a refund?

    I want to go to school, it's just I can't afford it until I am a resident.

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    I may be transferring under the "following spouse" rule.

    Get married by a shotgun wedding, transfer and have it annulled, you'll have a better shot.
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  6. You need to be attending school on your first day at the new building, then drop your classes.
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    Good one.
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    You have to pay for classes.

    People like you is why we continue to lose our perks.
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    Maybe consider joining the Military.
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    Is it possible to take a minimum of credits that will satisfy the requirement for the transfer and yet not cost you as much money as a boatload of credits??? I don't know that's why I'm posing the question.
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    I think you have to carry at least 12 credits to qualify.
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    The transfer may take too long on ups's side of things.
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    If you read the necessary paperwork, it's clear that (1) you must demonstrate the educational opportunity; and (2) if you don't follow through with it for at least 18 months, you agree to voluntarily resign. It's best to talk about the situation with HR, let them know you're serious about pursing an educational opportunity but will need to establish residency first & that you'll agree to resign if you're not enrolled in school 1 year after the transfer. Don't expect it, but it might help. If you're trying to transfer off the beaten path, it will help. If you're trying to go to CA, FL, TX, etc... good luck.
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    Thank you.