Transferring from freight to package car!


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Does anybody know if this is possible? I have asked and asked and nobody seems to know. I am a freight city driver but I'd like to transfer to the package car division. If anybody knows if this is possible or how to do it, please let me know.


I doubt that this is possible since one is union and the other is not. Maybe this is something they can take up in the next contract.


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There are no provisions in our contract that would allow that.

Perhaps they could transfer you into one of the 6/1 outside hire positions. But most likely you would have to quit and get rehired. Not worth it.


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So you want to go from 20 stops to 200? Are you crazy?

Amen to that. In fact, as a backup plan if I can't find a job right after graduation I asked HR at my hub about going to UPS Freight! They said I'd have to quit and get rehired completely. Need to get my class A CDL first.

Whats so bad about Freight that you'd make the switch? Sure you guys probably don't make as much but damn..A/C Cabs and not getting in and out of a truck 200++ times a day?