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  1. jgrinds27

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    Hey I created an account to ask this question. So my wife might be getting a promotion in August which would move us from Tennessee to Plano Texas. My question is which station(s) service Plano and/or are around it and what it is like? I've been at FedEx for over 9 years at the same location so I was just wondering what Texas was like. Thanks
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    I have a good friend who lives in McKinney. He works out of the Plano station (DNEA). He loves it. His only complaint is how hot it gets in the summer. He says the people are really nice and has been trying to talk me into moving there for years.
  3. jgrinds27

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    Thanks. I didn't know if there was a station in Plano or if it was run out of Dallas. I don't mind the heat, but I am a little tired of running 200 to 300 miles on routes and it seems like these city stations might be a little more condensed.
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    Shouldn't be very many 200 mile routes at DNEA. If any. The Plano area is mostly affluent suberbia with large corporate campuses in the mix.
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    I have a friend in McKinney as well and another that just transferred to Dallas.
    I've done both. Big city route 5/8 route, 100-120 stops, drive 15-20 miles.....down South, 4/10 route, 45-50 stops, drive 300-350 miles. I'll take the latter. Easier on the body. But, if you're transferring, you take what you can and switch routes later, if you want to.

    See if there's an SRG book around. It'll list all the stations in the area. Consider driving a bit if you had to...Dallas isn't far and Ft Worth looks pretty close as well.
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    More then likely you will get the crap route no one wants or the swing route. Its been my experience that the extended high mileage routes were coveted and rarely open. The crap routes in stations like DNEA are mostly heavy industrial-warehouses or just routes not set up right by the ops manager.
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    Yeah I figured. I'm a swing driver now and have been one for about 8 years so I guess you could say I'm used to the crap routes.