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Discussion in 'UPSers International' started by exzackly, May 20, 2008.

  1. exzackly

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    I wonder if it is possible to transfer to a hub in the UK from the US? Just curious. I've often wondered if anyone has successfully done so and how difficult it was to accomplish. I would love to move abroad.

    I'm glad that I found this place. I figured that there must be a net presence somewhere for all the UPSers to get together. This is good.

  2. jetset

    jetset pitch and toss

    we have 4 hubs in the uk but many more people here on intl assignment. most of our hub managers are German. Our latest hub Tamworth only opened late last year.
    others are
    East Midlands
    Good luck if you do come over.
  3. CBUK

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    We had a Portugeuse preload driver who successfully transferred from the UK back to Portugal as a Full time Package Car Driver.

    Both the UK and Portugal are EU members which probably made things much easier.
  4. poerds

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    I'm interested in this also, being a part timer I know I have the ability to transfer to other states for educational purposes. But can anyone find out if I could transfer internationaly like from the US to UK for school? I would be cool to have a job waiting for me if I decided to go to school in the UK.

    Anyone know???
  5. drewed

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    Ummm hmmmm, thats a tuffy id say ask your HR generalist....Id say probably not unless youre a sup (even then :S) the only thing i could see you doing is applying having your hr contact their hr and doing that way...
  6. CBUK

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    You could get a job on preload pretty easily in the U.K

    Our centre is pretty settled at the moment but people come and go.

    The hours are not great but it might be worth a go. We had an American guy on preload for a while. I think his wife worked for the USAF on a nearby base.
  7. zafira31

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    hi all new to the site,the answer to the question is
    if you transfer from usa you need to resign your position and apply with joe bloggs of the street in the uk likewise if you want to transfer from uk to usa hope this helps:smart:
  8. rocket man

    rocket man Well-Known Member

    IS YOURvolume heavy? do the drivers have 8 or 9 hr days/?
  9. Alex_W

    Alex_W Customer Technology - UK

    I know an Account Manager who did that without any issues.
  10. dutchups

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    In the Netherlands about every center could use preloaders or unloaders/loaders in the evening..
    But all parttime jobs.

    And as was stated, just apply.
    I know of one driver (from Somalia) who left Holland and went to live in Belgium.
    He applied there for a job and told them he worked for UPS in the Netherlands, the belgiums checked and we were asked "what kind of guy he was".

    Early `90s we had an american colleague (driver), he worked for UPS in the States, came to live in Holland and applied again, UPS-NL was in its child-years so he was welcome!!
    But left after a few years and went to FEDEX.
  11. LuciLu

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    Funny you should ask that ! I have just spent half the day finding out how I can transfer to the US and its proving hard finding the right ppl to find to help ! thats why I joined this today just hope I can get some more info !

    I work in the Tamworth hub in the UK and want to transfer to New York ...theres a lots of nationalitys over here so I'm sure its possible !
  12. OldUPSDriver

    OldUPSDriver New Member

    Quit there and reapply here unless, of course, your in management.
  13. MuppetUK

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    Thats weird I also work at Tamworth and am considering moving to the US. I'm currently a feeder driver and would like to move to the LA area
    Anyone have any advice?
  14. rocket man

    rocket man Well-Known Member

    let us no how your transfer went thanks and good luck.
  15. Tiny Panda

    Tiny Panda Member

    I was told in the past transferring from the UK to the US is impossible but the other way around i dont know. I'm sure it is possible but UPS just dont like helping out their staff.
  16. The-UK-Guy

    The-UK-Guy Tea anyone ?

    yeah stay in England , they have no sense of humor over here mate