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  1. Saru

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    My husband has been a Pre-loader for UPS for 5 flippin years now! Still waiting to become a driver. Well, we are sick to death of California and the horrible air quality. I know he looses seniorty with the building, but what would you suggest - transfer now as a preloader or wait until he becomes a driver then try to transfer? I am a student and wanting to go to school somewhere else as well. Plus, how easy is it to transfer? One last question, does anybody know where UPS jobs are needed? We are looking to move to the New England area, but do not know how job growth with UPS is out there. Any input would be appreciate - good or bad. Thanks!
  2. moreluck

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    Where is the good air?
  3. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    Not the stinky air.
  4. Saru

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    Haha, definitly not Bakersfield. I believe we rank 3rd worst in the nation.
  5. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    Too many threads on transferring for you to research.
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    It's here where I'm at More.:happy-very:

    Come to the middle of the country, no smog in the air, just the smell of hog confinements and cows poopin' in the pasture. Oh and a little dust right now due to the harvest goin on.