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    My Fiance is a Full-Time driver. I have an amazing chance to go to Law school in our home state. We have been told that it is pretty much impossible to transfer once you are a full time driver. Is this true? Is there any way around this? If he leaves his job, I will not be able to afford school anyway! Does UPS really expect its drivers to reside on one place their entire lives?
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    What's the union position on a driver from another local transferring in? How far is the move? Certainly the company wouldn't pay any relocation costs...
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    I am not sure what the union position is. The move would be from FL to CA. I would not expect relocation costs to be paid, in fact, I was even wondering if there is some sort of a waiting list or something for people who need to relocate
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    You need to contact the union in the area that you are moving into.
    I had a chance many years ago to move to North Carolina and I was surprised to learn that UPS and the union would both allow me to transfer there. I was told that it was one of two areas in the country that it was allowed.
    I ended up staying in Florida!
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    He would have to start all over again at the new center .At least here that was the case ,have his center manager put in a good word that can sometimes get the job done as far as starting over at the new center.
    what I have seen few folks have much luck getting rehired.
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    I'm in the western part of the U.S. I was told we could only transfer within the region.
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    I was not able to transfer even within the region, unless of course it would be for their benefit. Guess it depends on.... who knows what. I wanted to transfer back to my old center when my Mother was terminal, I did not even get an answer to my request, then she died, so I gave it up.
  8. the answer is yes u can re locate but the employee has to be enrolled in a college in the desired area. most people enroll in community college for a lil while to get the transfer then quit!! they treat this like top secret info at UPS but that is the deal!! u stay at top rate but u fall to the bottom of the new seniority list
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    A friend told me that if u enroll in college in the area u want to re locate they have to transfer u. From what i understand its only for educational purposes, BUT most people sign up for classes at community then drop them when the transfer is final! THEY keep this top secret at BIG BROWN lol u keep ur rate but fall to the bottom the their seniority list ...
    I have a friend who is trying now from philly to florida

    look into it i hope i helped ur fiance:lol: