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    Ive been working at UPS for a few months now and i was wondering if anyone had any info about transfering from one operation to another...lets say calgary to halifax would this be possible?
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    Yeah I'd like a little clarification on this as well...from what I know (or think I know) you have to have been at a hub for a year to must be for educational purposes (transfering to a 4 year university) and you loose your building senority (for bids extra work ect..) still keep your company senority for vacation purposes only...I want to transfer from MI to denver (it's about an 8 year wait to go drive here[i have 2 years]) and I hear in denver it's 6 months until you can get an opportunity ( I would naturally say I was transfering for educational purposes then complete the 50 some credits I need to finish and hopefully go driving before I'm 24[20rightnow])
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    For a union employee it can be pretty hard to transfer and keep your seniority.

    Theres something about it in the contract, I'll look it up if I have time today.
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    In Article 22, Section 6, Part-timers are able to transfer for educational reasons if you have one year of seniority. This is in the U.S. Master Contract, I don't know how this affects Canadians. Where I am at, Full-time "bargaining units" aren't allowed to transfer, this was one of the Contract Proposals I sent in at our meeting. I work out of a Hub twenty-five miles from my house, there is one ten miles away, but I can't bid on a route there.
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    full time transfers here are unheard of, unless you are in management.. supposedly you "could" transfer if you get married and your spouse isn't "local" or your spouse is transferred from their location, though I hear that also only applies to management.
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    Ask Dave Nawnton :wink::wink::wink: