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    Can you transfer from state to to state in the southern supplement? Also can you transfer from a part time position from your hub to a full time position in another hub if that hub is in need of employees?
  2. burrheadd

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    1. No

    2. Maybe
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    Check your supplement on transferring positions. But the only supplement that I know of that allows transfers is the western supplement so I think you're SOL there.
  4. Indecisi0n

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    1) Sometimes

    2) Refer to 1)
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    Theres 23 genders anything is possible now
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    The answer is it depends.i have seen p/t transfer state to state in the south.but never p/t to full time.senority is by building,so keep that in mind.
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    So the closer you are to where your transferring to the more seniority you have ? I’m trying to transfer to the new smart building in Atlanta. A friend of mine says they are looking for 300feeder drivers and they only have100 or so spots filled and are hiring from the street
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    How the hell did you get that out of what he said? That’s like not even remotely close to what he said
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    Careful, Turd. He might have his eye on your job.
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    Good luck with that. I've been preparing for that, and already gotten my grievance written out since I got the bid. I ain't going anywhere
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    I’m heading there now.
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    It is actually 76
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    You don't want to be a Feedah'll end up looking like @Indecisi0n
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    "So here's the deal" as my b.a says,transfers are for educational purposes only by the book but the company does make it can be done but expect a fight.u can not however transfer from part time to full time since the jobs are bid by building and seniority is by if u transfer to another existing building ur seniority date will be the day u start work at new building.all this info is from the south.
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    And I can confirm. Only transfers mentioned in the southern supplement is for education.