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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by leastbest, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. leastbest

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    I've noticed that some of the boards I frequent have been taken over by Trolls. It's happened recently here (See PsyOps or Young Bucks).

    If you don't know what a Troll is check out.

    Most of the boards I frequent have good moderators so it all works out. The Trolls just want attention. I won't give it to them.
  2. ezralive

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    Least Best,

    Your handle is quite revealing and I admire your honesty. It takes a real man to admit that he couldn't make the cut at UPS and got punked out - perhaps by his own union brothers.
  3. leastbest

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    I have worked at UPS for 31 years, 28 of those driving a P-500. I may be least best but I'm still one of the best!!

    I enjoy my job and my customers. I will retire at 51 with a good pension and a lot of good memories.
  4. ezralive

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    Least Best,

    My apologies if I was disrespectful in my response to your post.

    Congratulations on your years of service and enjoy your retirement. You earned it...

    Best Wishes
  5. leastbest

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    Apology accepted. No hard feelings.

    I was called that when I was young and found it very funny. I have kept it as a knickname ever since.
  6. ezralive

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    Least Best,

    I too started out as a "least best" preloader and didn't have a clue why management kept playing their games. Later, I figured it out and laughed about it too.

    Over the years, I found that the "least best" are in fact some of the best people. They just need the right team around them.

    You seem to have done a damn fine job considering your years of service.

    least best are the "one percenters" !
  7. leastbest

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    I use the word Troll because he uses language designed to ignite. Plantation (invoking slavery), ***** to incite racist talk, etc.

    I have great respect for my fellow workers. Everybody works hard at UPS and all deserve to be treated as such. If I had the million dollars he claims I wouldn't be on a UPS forum trying to stir things up.
  8. moreluck

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    he's a Troll because of "little man syndrome". And it has nothing to do with height.
  9. ok2bclever

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    As you can see I wiped my first comments.

    I posted here and then read the continuation of the young buck's postings where he exposes his ignorant racist crap.

    It irritated me so much that I just wiped my earlier comments in his defense, rather than take the time to edit them.

    I still like your "least best" turn around philosophy though. [​IMG]
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    I recently read an article about the psychology of internet trolls. To summarize: Like bullies, trolls feel alienated and want attention. The impersonal nature of the internet gives rise to this anti-social behaviour.

    So why do it? Why purposely find people who have a common interest and upset them? Like bullies, trolls feel alienated and want attention, says Rebekka Sommer, from the health psychology unit at the University of Technology, Sydney.

    "If you're a troll, you're feeling fairly disconnected. Because you're not feeling OK, you go into a discussion group but you're not experiencing any sense of belonging, so you trivialise that sense of belonging and you feel better about yourself. It is a kind of power trip. It comes down to self-esteem."

    "I can say something nasty because I don't have to look you in the face. If I don't have to look at you it's easier for me to be hurtful and it still serves my purpose which is to make what you're doing look silly and make me feel better about myself."
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    EZ is a phony .He keeps spewing the slangs
    which has no use in society today. I was laughing at first but he has crossed the line.And the millon dollar part sent up a red flag quick.