Truck-Driving Jobs: Are They Headed for Rapid Elimination?

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    Truck-Driving Jobs: Are They Headed for Rapid Elimination? - SAGE Journals

    The authors analyze the potential effects of automation on the jobs of truck drivers and conclude that media accounts predicting the imminent loss of millions of truck-driving jobs are overstated. Their conclusion is based on three main factors. First, the count of truck drivers is often inflated due to a misunderstanding of the occupational classification system used in federal statistics. Second, truck drivers do more than drive, and these non-driving tasks will continue to be in demand. Third, the requirements of technology, combined with complex regulations over how trucks can operate in the United States, imply that certain segments of trucking will be easier to automate than others. Long-haul trucking (which constitutes a minority of jobs) will be much easier to automate than will short-haul trucking (or the last mile), in which the bulk of employment lies. Although technology will likely transform the status quo in the trucking industry, it does not necessarily imply the wholesale elimination of the demand for truck drivers, as conventional accounts suggest.
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    We drive package cars. So we're safe.
  3. Ups invested in buying package cars from a company called workhorse tm . Supposed to be the Tesla of commercial delivery. Problem is, it would cost them more to implement these things sucking up electricity than it would to implement technicians to work on them. Pilots to eventually fly the drones etc. also who will take the fault when one of these things hurts someone? Surly not the company that creates them. Huge liability. Not gonna happen any time soon.
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    You could just pay a helper 13 bucks an hour to sit in the jump seat and deliver while the car drives itself, and give the helper a big red button that stops the car if it's about to do something stupid.

    One driver sitting in the center remote operates the vehicles that get into trouble, out of trouble until the automation takes over again. You don't have to go full driver to full driverless.
  5. That’s just places blame on the jump seat...I’d decline that :censored2:
  6. (Car rear ends you)
    “Ahhh should have hit the red button “
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    Lets work on fixing Orion first
  8. There is no fixing it though, it will pinball you across a busy 4 lane intersection. When it makes more sense just to do one side then the other. The thing has good intentions, but it doesn’t read light times and traffic in the area. Let’s work on implementing maybe waze with a gps.
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    Maybe, let's work on putting RDO back into the boards first?
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    Yawn . Are we going to have to read articles like this for the next 20 years?
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    Seriously, every driver understands how to run a busy street with a curbed median. Obviously we probably shouldn't make all left turns while waiting for a red arrow at every intersection. But Orion is super smart! So we need 80%+ trace, ok?

    Why can't they fix this :censored2:? And also it should take me 5 minutes to get through 6 traffic lights next to Universal Studios during summer. And they wonder why we're over allowed. It's almost as if they're making up reasons to bitch and moan.
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    If you want RDO then just deliver by shelf. That's what I do. Guess what. I don't get ride alongs and no one says anything about my trace being <30%. Why? Because they know my route is :censored2:. They pay us to sit and scroll through edd all day searching for the next best stop, because they don't care to fix it. :thumbup: