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Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Jul 8, 2013.

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    Based on the recent post about the possibility of a "hostile takeover", why would anyone believe anything that comes out of the mouth of a manager? They are nothing but mouthpieces for Memphis.
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    My former Mgr was trained by me when he started off as a driver. I trained him, mentored him and helped him out anyway I could. He moved up just as fast as I did, but he didn't ask questions so he became a Ops Mgr. I couldn't move up into Mgr spot because I refused to drink the kool-aid, eat the potato chips, and the Costco hotdogs. He bounced around a few stations, but then made his way back to where it all started. First, let me say, I went out for beers with this guy, had lunch on the road with this guy, talked like any other driver does with another, then he became my Mgr. I honestly thought maybe things would be a little different at my station. I say this because, I knew my Mgr before FEDEX, we golfed together as friends, heck I even set him up with my girlfriend's old roomate, we went out for beers, we went.... wait for it,. wait for it...... to college together. I couldn't believe the crap that came out of his mouth. It was like he was completely brain washed, no logical thinking, his mind was completely convoluted by his senior and corporate bs. . Long story short, he is the one who fired me. So cliff notes, the hell with them all.
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  4. No better way to state it brother. Godspeed in your employment. I hope getting fired turns out to be a blessing in disguise.
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    I hope that those who state that they can "trust", their manager either reads this or knows the lesson already.

    A wage employee is a 'tool' to be used to move volume, NOTHING MORE. If that employee has to be intimidated, lied to, or even threatened to get what the manager wants - so be it. Trust involves a personal commitment between two people - there is NO PERSONAL commitment between you and FedEx, or even your manager.

    When you as an Express wage employee TRULY realize this, you are much better equipped to deal with the environment. Once I learned that 'trust' had no role in Express - I was able to function to protect myself without too much stress.

    In the end, if a manager (ops or senior) are in a position where their employment is at stake due to an action one of their wage employees has taken - that wage employee will be shoved under the bus in a heartbeat to get the heat off of them - even if they have some level of fault or responsibility themselves for the incident. You are guilty even if you can prove you are innocent, you have the burden of trying to prove your innocence if you are accused of wrong doing. Recognize this, and you are better prepared for the Express environment. Fail to recognize this, you will find yourself being shoved under that bus at some point - wondering what in the hell happened to you.
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    How is this different from every other company?
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    There is a reason why they make you sign off everything from missing POD's to timecards. They need this as additional ammo to show you aren't as good as you think you are. My personal file is probably as thick as any other. And, what is our retaliation against managers? SFA...weak.
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    What isn't said is more important what is said. The managers either tell you most of the truth, some of the truth or none of the truth.
    The Memphis people are just corporate stooges who own million dollar homes who think all employees are completely disposable
  9. MrFedEx

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    It's all about always having something "on you", to protect them from a liability standpoint, to make your unemployment hearing difficult to win, and for ammunition to fire you "for cause". All by design, and all with Legal in mind. FedEx is like the Catholic Church, where dictates (often insane or irrelevant) are dispatched into the churches (stations), where the priest (management), parrots exactly whatever policy or doctrine has been issued. Even if it's dumb, illogical, dangerous, and/or stupid. It is "God's" (Fred's) will.
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    Forget the SFA, (management has). Now if you want to make a statement beyond working on getting a union, you should be Working As Directed.
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    May he burn in hell like a cheap Costco hotdog! And may you rise above to new heights..... Unbecoming Brown
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    Wow I believe it people forget where they came from unfortunately this company is great at creating monsters!
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    I've been off the grid for a while, but you mean to tell me FedEx Express Couriers are still "selling their souls to the devil" for a hot dog and a bottle of water ?

  15. hypo hanna

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    I know, crazy huh?
  16. MrFedEx

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    The price of souls is going down. Now, they're even slashing the cheap food budget. Your soul isn't even worth a Costco hotdog any more.
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    there will always be a few who will sell their soul for even the promise of a Costco hotdog. The problem with FedEx is that mgmt believes there is enough of those people to deliver the service they promised to the customers. I think they are wrong.
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    Correct. Bad news about an employer's crappy reputation travels fast to others seeking jobs.
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    Much as Matthew Thornton likes to say it was an isolated incident, we all know there are hundreds, maybe thousands like the girl in NYC throwing boxes.

    the only thing isolated about the incident was it was caught on camera by someone who took the time to upload it on YouTube.
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    Probably see worse at any station during am sort and the reload.