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    I am trying for ft combo. This is the first time that they have had a lot of combo jobs ever. I had tried last summer but was disqualified at 29 days. I filed a grievance but it took a few months before it was even heard. So it was agreed that I would sign the bid sheet again. I am on STD and received a combo job. Then after that I was told I was bid over by a ft combo person with more seniority. SO I don't know what the status is with the grievance.
    Then I was informed that there were 30 openings and so I received one of the openings. Then I was contacted again and asked which of the two positions available for the second part of the shift I wanted. So I told them. Then they called yet again and stated I couldn't get the second part of the shift because I had not worked on that line before. So now I was told I have take this last position. They also informed me that since they consider me full time- that my seniority is now reset for the full time date from last summer. They said people hired way after me are now over me seniority wise due to the full time seniority date. That this is the last job available or I can stay pt.
    The only time I have been paid the full time hours was during the training. Shouldn't once you return to part time status - shouldn't your seniority date remain your original seniority date?
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    Sounds like HR needs a kick in the ass. They are some of the most incompetent ignorant people I have ever seen. Anyways, if you haven't been trained in a specific job then UPS should train you, and yes if you got knocked back down to part time last year your seniority shouldn't reset whatever that means. This person is dicking you around and you might need to get a little aggressive with the situation so you aren't screwed out of a job position.
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    Union :censored2: is such a cluster f !