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    Hello. I've been at ups for 7 years now and full time for 5 of them. I'm not happy with my job and deciding if I should quit and go back to school.

    I work ramp/preload. I'm sick all the time in the winter going from very cold to sweating on the preload. I also really struggle sleeping during the day. I could make a endless list but you guys have heard it all before. I've never been so unhappy in my whole life.

    Do you think I would be better off taking a chance and going to school? I'm 25 now. It would mean selling my house and giving up a $20+ job with 4 weeks of vacation.

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    Oil of oregano , and quit while you are young enough to regroup.
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    Yeah, you're too young to be that unhappy. If you can, go back to school.
  4. dannyboy

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    Take it from me too. If it makes you that unhappy, then unless you find something about the job that can make you happy, you will remain unhappy. And that is a really sucky way to spend your life.

    For 20 grand a year, there are many opertunities. And if you can go to school to learn something you enjoy, go for it. And now is a good time to do so.

    Good luck!

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    GET YOUR A** IN SCHOOL. Don't wait until you're limping into UPS everyday. They don't give a crap about you and that will never change.Take it from a UPSer with 18 yrs and currently enrolled in school.
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    Give your two week notice, get a PT job at UPS and do the Earn and Learn and get back into school, or find another PT job....
  7. rod

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    If I was you I would stick with UPS for the next 25 years and be miserable. DUH - if you can afford to leave do it now because it don't sound like it's the job for you. 20 grand a year is peanuts
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    He is fulltime, so I think he meant he makes $20+/hour. So, if true he would be giving up on a $40k+ job. I was in the same situation deciding whether to go to school or UPS, but I decided to stick with UPS. FT jobs at UPS pays well. But obviously without a college degree, you will have to work harder to earn that money.
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    No Brainer and especially if you're unhappy with the job at UPS!
  11. sendagain

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    I would like to add that while I was in school, housing prices skyrocketed, leaving me unable to afford even the kind of home I grew up in. While you are in college, people with full time jobs are possibly going to buy the home you might of had. Of course, if you end up with a carreer you love, it will probably be worth it.
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    Dear Steve,
    My name is diadlover. I'm going to help you. This is the only reply you should listen to because I'm giving you "real world" advice. It does sound like you should leave UPS but are you really unhappy with UPS or is their something in your life that is actually upsetting you. No matter where you go if you think your life sucks then you will always be a miserable bastard. You need to first start by asking yourself this question: "Self, are we upset with our job at UPS or is it really the fact that Mom did not hug us enough?" If it is indeed UPS then by all means quit, but quit ONLY if you are going to attend a TRADE school. These other replys all tell you to go to school and sure it sounds good but lets face the FACT that the job market is flooded with degrees that are useless. What, are you gonna get your business degree and sit in a cube pushing pencils while earning $15 hour just so you can hang some paper on your wall? I know a lady that has a Master degree and has been unemployed for 3 years. She was laid off from Motorola and is a computer whiz but the market is saturated with people just like her. I have a friend in Chicago who installs carpet. His union wage is $40 per hour with lots of OT. I have a buddy here who just finished his welding apprenticeship and got a job earning $1500 a week. Maybe these people on here meant that you attend a trade school, but I doubt it.

    Your welcome Steve,
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    I'm going to play devil's advocate here and say that school is not for everyone.

    Think of school like a life preserver. Sure, you can already swim but if you are stuck in rough seas for a long time, it sure would be nice to grab that life preserver and not have to kick and paddle so hard.

    However, it all depends on your circumstances. So many places today won't even look at you without college. If you have the brains and can get the $$ for school then by all means do the Jewish folks say, "It couldn't hurt!"

    I've seen lots of people make good with only a H.S. diploma........but as a gambler, I'd want to stack the deck in my favor and have some kind of schooling to enhance my life chances.

    Like all major decisions, just put a blank piece of paper in front of you and list the pros & cons and the decision will become clear to you. It works everytime. Good Luck!:)
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    This is true. We have some guys working part-time unloading/loading trucks who have a college degree. More and more white collar jobs are being outsourced to India, China, Mexico etc. UPS drivers earn more than many people who have a degree.
  16. ups79

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    Yes, Opie, but there was a time when having that college degree might reward you by making you the outside driver hire. You really never know how that college degree might aid you in getting that job.
  17. diadlover

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    LOL, you call that a "reward"! I'd tell you to stay out of the sun but I feel it's too late for you.
  18. dannyboy

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    Dear lover

    Nice of you to finally use that PHD you have in psychobabble. In your little world, you can find many exceptions to the rule, as can I. But I am sure that the poster has something in mind by going back to school, not just going to get a degree worth just the paper it is written on.

    Steve, there is one more factor that you have not mentioned. So far all the posters have assumed you are single with no one to worry about but yourself. And the posts reflect that.

    If you have a family, then that changes things. You no longer have just your own happiness to consider, but that of your wife and kids. I have seen people go to school while caring for a family. Its tough. But it can be done. Our family did it. You have to weigh the pros and cons of each path.

  19. tieguy

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    Agreed. There is a reason you did not complete your academic pursuits already. The advice to pursue your education should always be given. The reason why you have failed to do so is the question. What you feel is different this time that will keep you motivated to the finish is what you need to define.
  20. Brownnblue

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    Another question to ask is if there is a direction or a field of study that you would like to pursue, that you are passionate about, that you did not consider before.

    If I was your age and in your position, I would leave UPS in a heartbeat, but then again I also know exactly what I would like to go back to school for.

    Good luck to you!!