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    Hello fellow UPSers i am hoping to get some help from you lady's and gents. I applied for a casual driver position few weeks ago. After i filled the application online i was asked to come for an interview with HR on Monday following week. When i was being interviewed by the HR she asked me few questions, I am currently worked for the current employer for about 14 years and she said to me"So are you willing to leave your current employer for the UPS i obviously stated yes an she also stated that i will be required to wear long sleeve shirt because of my tattoos on my hands, i replied no problem. I asked her if i work hard for UPS would there be a chance to get a permanent position as a driver and she informed me that in not long the union contract will be up and most UPS drivers wait for that time to retire and that there will be open spots when that happens. She also gave me her business card and told me to put it away as not all people that leave her interview get one. she told me to give her a call on Wednesday since it was a Monday if nobody gets in touch with me. So i called her on Wednesday as nobody contacted me and i could not get to speak to her. I tried the same for few days and i finally decided to e-mail her a the email address was provided on the card as well. I explain there the situation and few days later on another Monday she wrote back saying that my background investigation came in and that she would like me to come back for a road test that week, she said she needs to put this up with the center management and that she will get back to me. That week passed and again no word at all from her. now she did stated that she would like me to be back that week she wrote back for the road test and at this point when she said she will get back to me i am not sure if i should try to contact her again or not? Are they pile up with so much work that things fall out of their heads? If anyone experienced similar situation please provide me some input. i am not sure how the hiring process goes for ups at all and also i am not sure what the road test is, please kindly help me out if you can.:surprised:
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    I think she will call.and the road test is you drive a stick shift truck, they will see how you do in the yard first, if they see you can handle the truck they will put you on street to see how you do in traffic, hills and loading docs. good luck
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    First of all, you don't get to use the term "fellow UPSers" until you become one.:wink2:

    The road test is basically what it implies---you and your supervisor will drive to the DMV road test location where you will be administered the road test. You should be given an opportunity to practice with said supervisor prior to the road test, which may or may not be in a manual transmission package car.

    I would wait until next Monday to call the HR person back if you have not heard from her by then.
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    Can he say "fellow anal retentive over achievers" ?? (no offense ASOT)
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    My apologies for saying fellow Users, Sort of wrote that being hot headed. Sorry again folks.
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    Don't ever show weakness by apologizing to NY.
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    I put a smilie to show that I was kidding.
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    They don't do a dmv road test anymore. It's internal driving school
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