Tuition and Military Coverage

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    I get only about 367 monthly from the military, and UPS says use military money before you use theirs, but i dont have the money right now for school because the military comes monthly, and UPS says use that then ours, and the military comes straight to me not to the school so they cant just take that off the total amount. No idea how to go about doing this and the hotline people dont quite get what im telling them.????
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    Hope you shoot better than you type.
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  3. silenze

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    Ups reimburses you after you have completed a college course.
    You must apply before the semester starts and submit grades after it ends. Then you receive a check like 3 months later.
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    First, change your user name if it is your real name.

    Second, is the $367 you receive from the military designated specifically for educational purposes?

    Third, ask where it says (or written) that you must use your military money first.

    Finally, management will tell you anything they think you're stupid enough to believe. (been there, had that done to me.)

    Thank you for your service!
  5. trickpony1

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    Last time I checked, my keyboard hasn't killed the bad guy.
    Weapons are used for that.
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    That post was hard to read, all I was saying.
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    I understand.

    The guy has a lot on his plate right now. He's trying to make ends meet while serving his country and working for an employer that so espouses honesty and integrity but will screw him and you (us) in a heartbeat.

    He's also going to school to make something out of himself WHILE dealing with the military AND an unscrupulous employer.

    No stress there.
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    That's one tough and proud SOB if I ever heard of one.
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