TWU to ask Obama to be released soon.

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    TWU leaders who represent 28k workers at AA announced that unless AA settles the outstanding issues from their 2006 contract (sounds familiar?) their will be asked to be released from Mediation. ALSO the Flight Attendants are also joining in the threat of a work stopage. For people not up on airline issues, these people gave back in 2003 when AA went under. These loyal workers gave back money, pension, health care and jobs to keep the Fat Cats at AA from drowning. Now SEVEN years later AA still will not give them a contract. AMR has reaped the benefits and it is time for the NMB to let the TWA use their lawful right under the RLA of 1929. Please go to or the Dallas Morning News for all the details. This brings us to the Local2727 struggle with UPS, the latest is that the telephone survey has reinforced the members wishes that the E-Board has offered UPS its last and final offer. The Mediator assigned to the case has called both parties to D.C. next month to hammer out the financial details of the 4 years standoff. We are at a point when the Obama administration will be asked by Labor groups to let us use our power to stand up to these companies that will let 4 or 5 years go by without a contract. When UPS was on Strike in 1997 the F/As and TWU brough food and drinks and support at many large Gateways where picket lines were set up. If you know any AA workers please let them know we are now behind them, JUST returning a favor.