Typical Day Of Being Retired


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I think this will be more typical of a day for many in 2023.

Typical for me today, I was working on the wife's car (oil change, cleaning the engine bay, checking fluid's and tire pressures) and I took it for a spin to heat up and dry out the engine bay. You could eat in there! Pretty typical I do something with my hands wrenching, welding or anything but being inside the house during the daylight hours. Tomorrow laying my hands on my 57 Ranchero. Just doing an overview in the engine bay and trying and stop that itsy bitsy sweating oil pressure line at the block.

BUT! Is this a typical day for me in the future? Is this our near future typical day for a lot of us? My buddies think it will be in 2023.

As an example today:
While driving momma's car to dry out the engine bay I stopped and talked to a couple that moved into the area about three years ago. I said " youse touse look like your moving, but you just got here" jokingly!

Yup was the answer! Both were laid off from their jobs. Both in the computer field. They just got married this summer, spent a bunch of money and now THIS! Luckily both got a small severance. No health care other than they can buy Cobra. So now they are scrambling! Yup you got it! They are moving in with Mom n Pop's!!!!

I could go on with my neighbor in his mid 50's a few doors down who is shaking in his boots too. Just bought a new car, travel trailer and spent money on house upgrades only to find out last week his job is in serious jeopardy in the digital marketing world as the new company that swallowed up his company is streamlining BIG TIME now!

As on old retired guy! I hope the young UPS'ers have gotten some wisdom from us old timers here on Brown Cafe that you better have the ability to live with in your means when the times get tough. You better have a nest egg to help back up if you have to squeeze into a new life if "MONIES TIGHTEN UP!" You may find it so tough that you may have to dig into your possibly severely diminished retirement funds/plans for your future to survive? Either way, whether GOOD or BAD times ahead, the best time to prepare if not "NOW" was years ago!

Is the Sky Falling? Probably NOT! Piper is gonna want his payback tho! Then again?? Maybe if you could write checks and print your own money like what's happening in the USA right now you would be in good hands!

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Screw it! I gotta make a retired guys decission! friend - it!!!! I will NOT WORK on the Ranchero manyanner. I'm gonna go ride my bike somewhere tomorrow on the deserted back roads, while everyone else is at work! 65 degree's today 65 Tuesday and Wed. gonna be low 70's! And I'm gonna do it again on wed.!


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I left Mn. for Texas. I see Fri the high in Tx where I am is 28. Go south for the warmth they said——-BS
Had a few friends whose kids moved to Texas in the past 3 years. Two stayed and one came back to California only because of the surfing. They like it there and aren't coming back they say!


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I wake up any where from 5am to 630am go down fire up the coffee open my stocks look at the market ,I have rental properties think about them for sec usually do nothing all in good shape . After that midday is just doing what I want, I have been collecting Bullion ,going to coin shows to look at metals is fun .