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    Hey everyone, hope this it the right place for this sort of question.

    My father sent a package from south america to New York using UPS Worldwide express, guaranteed delivery for 10:30AM monday (sent the package on thursday, its in kentucky now). (I am not the recipient, but it was sent on behalf of me). He sent it at a UPS retail store and paid cash.

    He sent me the receipt today and I noticed a slight error in the address (The adress is listed as 'BDAVER St.' instead of 'BEAVER St.'-- he doesnt speak english so its not unexpected the error). I called UPS cust. service and she told me I couldnt do anything until after first delivery attempt. Everything else is right (zip, etc.)

    It's pretty important (hence the reason I sent it guaranteed 10:30AM monday). I definitely need it there by 10:30AM tuesday at the latest.

    What can I do to make sure the package gets there as early as possible? I assume 10:30AM Monday is not possible unless UPS system catches it automatically and changes it in time. Should I try to call UPS cust. service on monday before the truck goes out? Do I have to wait until after tracking shows delivery attempt made? What do you guys think? Also, since it was paid at retail store how does Address correction fee work?

    Thanks a lot all!
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    I would think that a slight error such as that would not be that big of a deal and that your pkg will be delivered on time; however, just to be on the safe side, you may want to call the toll free number again and this time ask that the pkg be held at the center for pickup. This way you will be certain that you will have it on Monday.

    If it were me I would leave it well enough alone--the error is a small one and our computers should make sure it gets loaded on the right pkg car.
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    Dave is right. It shouldn't be a major issue. Our system is designed to accommodate (for the most part). :wink2:
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    If the addy contains UPS Store - the driver will go there anyways.
    Call the UPS store and let them know it was just a typo and you`ll be there to pick it up. Or they can call you when it arrives.
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    call 800 number, give them a tracking number Ask for a will call. Than go pick it up yourself.
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    The system at my hub will even change a good address to a bad one. lol.

    I would figure our system will automatically correct the address in question wince it is only off by one letter and everything else is spot on
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    He said it was sent AT a UPS store, not to it.
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    Thanks for the replies all... Hopefully the system will catch it. The problem is I am not the recipient, it was sent directly to a business (it is a copy of a background check and educational records of mine, and had to be sent directly from the minister in Chile to the company). So I cant ask for will call, but thanks everyone for the responses!!
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    Was this a pun? (only off by one letter)