U.P.S. Workers Demand New Approach to Safety

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    U.P.S. Workers Demand New Approach to Safety - New York Times

    Joe Korziuk has spent 23 years working for U.P.S. washing trucks, delivering packages and driving tractor trailers. Though he loves the job, it has a downside: At 45, he has had surgery on both knees and a shoulder, developed bulging disks in his back and sustained a concussion when boxes fell on him.

    “It’s a direct result of the job,” Mr. Korziuk said. “They’re always harping on you and pushing you to go faster and faster.”

    Mr. Korziuk was among about 1,200 members of Teamsters Local 705 representing several hubs in the Chicago area who began a campaign last week demanding that U.P.S. reduce workloads and change what the union calls a “blame the worker” approach to health and safety. On April 28, Teamsters nationwide wore stickers reading “Unfair Production Standards,” a play on the name U.P.S.