U.S. Department of Labor Cites United Parcel Service After Employee Injury in West Palm Beach County

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    U.S. Department of Labor Cites United Parcel Service After Employee Injury in West Palm Beach County - US Department of Labor

    The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited UPS Inc. for failing to protect employees working in excessive heat after an employee suffered heat-related injuries near the Riviera Beach, Florida, facility. The company faces $13,260 in penalties, the maximum penalty allowed by law for a serious violation.

    The employee became ill while delivering packages and needed hospitalization. The heat index ranged between 99 and 105 degrees. OSHA cited the company for failing to adequately protect workers exposed to outdoor heat hazards.

    "Employers must take proper precautions when employees work outdoors in excessive heat conditions, and ensure they receive prompt medical attention when exhibiting signs of heat-related illness," said OSHA Area Director Condell Eastmond, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
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    I hope the encourages UPS employees to file a formal OSHA complaint when the company fails to follow their own “Cool Solutions” training.

    Or when management harasses them for trying to follow it.
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    I guess OSHA doesn’t realize UPS isn’t ever responsible for anything it’s always a failure on the part of the employee.
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    Let me tell you, things would dramatically change at UPS and all Corporations if employees took their rights under OHSA seriously.

    Corporations have most of their employees defeated by fear and intimidation.
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    Some people drink the brown Kool-Aid and abandon their common sense, if you’re suffering the symptoms of heat stroke or any medical emergency call 911 the company’s permission is not required.
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    I remember when my 2nd grade teacher told me I couldn't go to the bathroom . I went anyway. I was only 7 years old.

    grown people can't take a drink or rest when they need it?
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    100 heat index isn't that bad. We had our heaviest day of the year (two days after prime day) and we all worked 13 hours with a 115 index. Yeah, it sucked - don't get me wrong. But you gotta look out for yourself. Now loading and unloading a truck in that heat for hours at a time would be brutal - those are the people I feel sorry for, not drivers (and I am one).
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    Both jobs are not good in that heat.
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    Here's a suggestion - have everyone show on their personal phone the temperature inside the truck during the day - take 6 different readings. Next take all of that information and put on a spread sheet. Outside temperature at the time of the reading, etc. - Then get someone to file a GROUP grievance and make it a national issue - because it is. Maybe the wife of the guy from NJ would be willing to help with this since she is an RN. She also has the petition on change.com - surely there has been something in the past where there was enough imput to get something like this safety issue changed.