U.S. District Judge Says FedEx Whistleblower Will Have His Day In Court

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    From LexisNexis:

    03/06/2013 05:43:05 PM EST
    Judge: Whistle-Blower Will Be Given Chance To Plead His Claims
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    HARRISON, Ark. - A federal judge in Arkansas on March 5 refused to dismiss a motion to dismiss in a whistle-blower wrongful termination lawsuit, ruling that the former employee will be given an opportunity to show that his assistance in a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into alleged federal securities law violations led to his employment termination (Bryan Hix v. FedEx Corp., et al., No. 12-3050, W.D. Ark.; 2013 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 29224). Full story on lexis.com.

    The suit alleges that the employee repeatedly raised concerns regarding deceptive schemes and practices he believes the company is conducting, with the intent of defrauding shareholders. Following disclosure of his concerns to FedEx management and law enforcement authorities, as mandated by published FedEx policies and federal law, the employee says his direct supervisors, working in collusion with FedEx employees and agents, harassed, defamed and retaliated against him in an effort to discredit his claims, punish him financially and emotionally, and discourage any similar, future disclosure activity on the part of other FedEx employees.

    The style of the lawsuit is Hix v. FedEx Corporation, et al.; Case No. 3:2012cv03050; Cause No. 28:1391 United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas, Harrison Division.
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